Title / Artist
Press conference of Plastic Tree
Date: 2006.07.25
Artist:   Plastic Tree  
Date of Conference: 2006.07.09
After a year’s absence, we waited with anticipation for the new edition of Japan Expo.

This exhibition is the biggest festival of Japanese recreation, but it was only in 2004 that j-music really found its place on the programme, with the attendance of Mana. Mana’s conference delighted the fans, who were finally able to see a figure from Visual Kei, and attracted the curious who didn’t already know about this facet of Japanese music.

This year, the organisers continued along the same lines with the band Plastic Tree (in collaboration with NoSphere), but they didn’t forget J-pop fans, with a mini-concert from Anna Tsuchiya and a free concert from Hitomitoi (sadly cancelled a few days before the event).

To return to Plastic Tree, the queue in front of the entrance started to form at around 15:00, while the signings started at 16:30. Some other people waited sitting in the room, but they had to leave and join the queue. The conference room at Japan Expo was marked off by wooden boards made of 2 x 1, which only allowed some people to sit (there were around 200 places) to attend the conference, and with the hurly-burly of the crowd at the mini-concert, you had to strain your ears to hear the questions and answers. In the room, the conferences and lines continued to progress according to the programme.

During this time, the Tokyo Style Collection started and the message from Gackt was given out. It was then that certain girls left the queue to see the message. We found out also that a European tour was in the offing.

In the queue, a TV camera followed a Plastic Tree fan. She was filmed continuously and interviewed during the wait. It was only at about 17:00 that the first fans were able to get their poster, flyer or CD signed. Everyone started to gather in front of the entrance; people didn’t push and respected the order. The fans went into the room one by one, getting a signature and handshake from each member and taking out their autographs straightaway. The people who had wanted to be seated at the time of the conference had to be very patient and join the queue a second time.

Lots of people who were curious also came into the room; some of them took photos and some of the braver ones joined the queue for an autograph.

The line lasted for about an hour, and I can’t say whether everyone had got their autograph, because I slipped away. However, I came back in time for the conference. The 200 seated places were occupied, and there were also many people around the room.

The conference started with the introduction of each member; then the press asked questions:

- If the band members had not become musicians, what would they have done?

The members discussed among themselves for at least a minute before answering.

Ryutaro (Vo) : I would have like to write very entertaining stories.
Tadashi (Ba) : I would have made little articles of furniture.
Akira (G) : I would have liked to work with flowers, not like a florist, but a job connected with flowers.
Hiroshi (Dr) : I would have worked with computers, because I’m a specialist in it.

- You’ve already played a concert in Berlin (nldr : but not in Finland). How did you find European audiences?

Ryutaro : The European audiences are very welcoming and we’ve been very entertained thanks to the audiences.

- How do you develop a song?

Tadashi : That depends on each member of the group. Ryutaro writes the melody, Akira does the arrangements and I put the finishing touches to it.

After the questions from the press, a video montage was shown for several minutes with extracts from clips and lives. After this, Ryutaro got up and said: « This is the first time that we’ve come to France, and we were afraid that there wouldn’t be anyone at our concert, and so when we saw so many people we were happy. All of you, come to our concert tomorrow evening. » The audience applauded.

The next questions were reserved for the winners of the contest organised by Orient-Extrême and the audience. Unfortunately the noise and and her quiet voice prevented me from hearing the questions and the answers of the translator. I’m sorry.

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Author: Kinsao