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Plastic Tree Live - Le Marche Gare Lyon
Date: 2009.06.01
Artist:   Plastic Tree  
After Plastic Tree had already toured through Europe a few times, it was October 11, 2008 -- their first performance in Lyon! We quickly realized that they had been eagerly anticipated in this Eastern French city.

At 8:00pm, a surprisingly large amount of people waited in front of the doorway of the Le Marche Gare hall, considering the fact that another live in Paris was announced for the next day. However, the concert was not sold out and one could see that; the front of the stage was crowded, but all around only a few people were standing. Nevertheless, he small hall felt very welcoming and the mood was very intimate throughout the entire night.

The Dandy Freaks was a strange choice for the opening-act of the Plastic Tree concert. The two bands do not really have much in common in neither their music genre nor their target audience. Even so, astonishingly enough, it somehow worked. The public showed great interest in the jokes of the band, were excited over the cross-dressing of the members and the candy and balloons that were thrown into the crowd, and even seemed to like the music. In other words, the Dandy Freaks heated up the crowd well and were exactly what an opening-act should be.

After the Dandy Freaks left the stage (it had to be cleaned), the mood in the hall became restless and soon the first calls for Plastic Tree began. The band didn't let us wait for long, for the lights went out, the music began to play, and the magic was immediately there.

Plastic Tree's performances always have something enchanting about them. Their songs are emotional and melancholic, but are also sometimes monotonous and cold. What all the songs have in common is the fact that they affect the listener, live even more so than on record. As if in a trance, the audience appeared to be tireless as they swayed back and forth in time with the music. During the breaks, they would scream loudly for Plastic Tree, and during the heavier songs they would jump around and headbang. The entire hall was completely in the thrall of Plastic Tree, who were visibly pleased with this.

Ryutaro communicated a lot with the audience. He thanked them in many possible language (Japanese, English, French and even German) for allowing the band to be here. When he asked who could speak Japanese, nearly a third of all the people raised their hands. Ryutaro looked taken aback at first, but then laughed and said, "That can't be! Now again, but seriously." But there were hardly any less raised hands the second time around. Thereupon the good-humoured singer chose a person to translate into French for him, though the communication seemed not to work correctly. Ryutaro said, "This place is wonderful" in Japanese, but instead of a translation from the chosen person there came merely a "Lyon desu." The people in the audience that could really understand Japanese laughed, but Ryutaro and Akira especially bent over in laughter and didn't seem to be able to stop. A second attempt, however, was not made and the next song began.

The setlist was diverse and a successful mixture of old and new songs. Classics such as Hate red, Dip it, Makkana ito and Melancholic were played as well of course.
After a short pause, during which the audience passionately called for an encore, the band came out on the stage once more. Everyone was full of energy and enjoyed the last two songs to the fullest.

Soon though, the last sounds of Angel Dust rung out. However, it was obvious that neither Plastic Tree nor the fans wanted to go just yet. Picks and drumsticks were thrown into the masses, hands were shaken, and Ryutaro assured the fans that they would come again. When the stage was finally empty, the lights back on and the fans slowly and unwillingly left the hall, the concert was finally over, but everyone had taken a piece of magic with them from this evening.


1. Nemureru mori
2. Irogoto
3. Elegy


4. Replay
5. Alone again, wonderful world
6. Kûchû buranko
7. Yuki hotaru
8. Himitsu no carnival


9. Hate red, Dip it
10. Kaibutsu-kun
11. Ruisen kairo
12. Melancholic


13. Makkana ito
14. Ame ni utaeba

encore 1:

encore 2:
Honjitsu wa seiten nari
Angel Dust

© This review was written by Kura for Nippon Project.
Translated from German to English by Dee, corrections by Rana.
Author: Dee
last update: 2009-10-28