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Interview with U (Shirota Yu)
Date: 2011.05.14
Artist:   U  
Date of Interview: 2011.05.19
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U debuted on May 4th with his single “U”, before the debut we asked him if he was available for a fan-interview. He accepted and we gave you the chance to send us your questions for him. We received a lot. Thank you to all that participated! It was not easy to choose them, but finally we got it and even though he has a busy schedule U took some time to answer your questions. Read on to see if your question was chosen to be answered!

Nippon Project: First of all we’d like to thank you very much for this interview. Could you start by introducing yourself to our readers who might not know you yet?
I was born in Japan. I grew up in Barcelona, Spain and Tokyo, Japan. It was my dream to be a singer since when I was little. I want to tell of the wonderful power that music has, and spread it all over the world.

You are going to make your solo singing debut as "U" in May, 2011. Could you tell us something about your upcoming single?
This is my first single I've been longing to create. I have worked well through all the processes, so there is no doubt that this is memorable in my life. Starting from Cuando se ama, all the songs are about love. Most of the arrangements have a Spanish sound to them. If you like European/American music you should listen to them.

You wrote and composed the songs “Sisyphus“, “Heart of glass“, and “U“ . What gives you inspiration to compose your melodies and lyrics?
From the sounds I hear, I put into words what popped up in my head.

In the limited editions of your single we can find the promotion videos of these songs and also the making of. Can you tell us something funny that happened while filming the PVs?
We shot "Heart of glass" by one-cut. we shot a couple of shots but we didn't decide anything particular, so we just went on our senses (feelings). "Heart of glass" was made freely without choreography, but just by my senses and feelings what I felt then. There is a most structured view of " Sisyphus", and then there is the view of U's world. I'd like you to enjoy the different views on the world.

In the regular edition of your single “U”, we’ll find a cover of the song “Cuando se ama”. The song is by Laura Pausini, one of the biggest Italian singers who also sings in Spanish. Why did you chose to cover this song?
Originally, my friend found this song and made me listen to it. I thought it was a wonderful song. By all means, I wanted to cover this song so it was a dream come true.

Your first step as a solo-singer was the mini-live event at Lazona Kawasaki on February 28th, how was that for you?
I had an inexpressible feeling, as it was my first time singing before an audience as U. It was a dream come true.

Days ago we asked our readers to send us their questions for you. We received a lot from people all around the world. A lot were very personal and haven’t made it to the final version of this interview. Just be assured that your fans love you very much ;)

Izumi Neagari Aguirre, Ecuador: Everybody knows that debuting as a singer is your "dream come true", do you feel anxiety or nervousness on the reaction of the public?
It'd be a lie to say that I have no anxiety. But, so long as I'm going to do it, I am determined to have confidence. Each person has different taste in music, so I do not care that much. I will be happy if people listen to my music and then they like it.

Angela Largo, Colombia: Why now, and not before in your life, have you debuted as a singer?
I did not just now decide to do it, I was thinking about it from a long time ago. It was a fate called accident that I am doing it now.

Prisdary Mariano, Dominican Republic: We know that you are half Spanish. Do you have plans to release albums in the Latin or European market?
Personally, I'm positive about it. Certainly, if you guys' voices are strong enough, it should come true. So please support me.

Anne, Sweden: You are trilingual. Are you going to release an album singing in 3 languages?
I am still studying English and Spanish, so when I get better at them, I will make songs in all Spanish or English.

Maria, Spain: Your English is good. Where did you learn it? Which other languages would you like to learn?
When I was with friends from abroad or half (mixed Spanish, American, etc.) people, I assertively tried to listen and remember, but I am not good enough yet. I want to learn Spanish and English a lot now, but since it is a neighboring country and I have many friends there. I want to try learning Korean eventually.

Lastri, Indonesia: Is there an artist you’d like to perform with? If yes, who? Who are your favorites artists?
Utada Hikaru.

Paula, Germany: How did you come up with the Song-title “Sisyphus”? were you inspired by the Greek tale?
The image of the song I made exactly like the myth of rock, Sisyphus, and I could express it in one word. It was not particularly from a Greek myth.

Apryl Anne, Philippines: After releasing your debut as a singer, what major changes did you observe in your life and career? Will you also hold concerts and promotions overseas in the near future?
Nothing much has changed. I don't have any plan to do anything abroad yet, but I want to do it.

Maya, Czech Republic: Which countries would you like to visit and why?
Sweden and Egypt. I want to go to places that have things I can see only there. Sweden has a hotel built from ice!

Savanna Thao, USA: Do you still have your very first song, "Odorunamida”, which you made in fourth grade? Do you mind singing it again?
As for the melody, it is impossible because I don't remember it. However, I have the feelings I had back then, so at least I could make it. If I do, I want to let you guys listen.

Nur 'Atiqah, Malaysia: Between singing and acting, which one did you like more?
I like both of them, but as a way to express, I may prefer singing. If you tell me to choose, I can't.

And finally, do you have a message for your fans that will be reading this interview?
I will keep making songs that are like U, one and only. I want to work abroad also. So, when I do, I will certainly need your support. Please remember me.
I always thank you for your support!
I love you!

Thank you very much for this interview and good luck with all your endeavors.

U's single, U, is now available on:
iTunes (in 19 European countries)
CD Japan [Regular Edition]
CD Japan [Limited Type A Edition]
CD Japan [Limited Type B Edition]

Nippon Project would like to thank all the readers that sent us their questions, there were a lot and unfortunately we could not use all of them. We'd also like to thank Jotaro for the translation. Our big thank goes to U, his management and Avex Entertainment Inc. for making this interview possible.
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