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J-Rock explotion "Karei naru Gekijou-Splendid Violent Emotion-"
Date: 2012.03.12
Artist:   KAMELEO   ALSDEAD   Administrator   Para:noir   girugamesh  
Date of Concert: 2012.02.03
On February 3th 2012 ,DANGER CRUE held the first event of J-Rock explotion "Karei naru Gekijou-Splendid Violent Emotion-" featuring new and powerful neo-visual bands. The event took place at Shinjuku LOFT and the first chapter of this historical event showed a brilliant artist lineup of Administrator, ALSDEAD, Para:noir, KAMELEO and guest of the night: girugamesh!

The first band to performed was KAMELEO. A cheerful SE started, the curtain opened and one by one KAMELO's members entered on stage hiding their face behind a chameleo's poster and wearing colored pop clothes decorated with electric ornament. After having taken position in front of their instruments they took off the poster and showed their face, all of theme was wearing red and blue lights sunglasses .They started to cheer the fans with the song Hyoronka-teki DANCE NUMBER, receiving a good response from the audience that sang the choir and following Vo.HIKARU's instruction, jumped and enjoyed with head banging continuing until Giji COMMUNICATION. After the second song HIKARU welcomed the fans with a short MC, and announced the next song 21Seikiman, everybody in the venue and on stage danced following the funny rhythm. The cheerful world of KAMELEO kept going with Niito Hime another song that make the crowd dance, while on stage, members played each other doing funny things .Before the last song, an audio woman's phone was played... she was talking with a friends about the event she wanted to see in shinjuku Loft, where many band was performing as Administrator, ALSDEAD... but when the friend asked about KAMELO she answered that she was not interested to see theme...she just want to go to see girugamesh... after the audio finished, everybody in the venue laughed. The humoristic calls was the introduction for the last song, yoshigaimanabu 17sai(musyoku) a SID's cover. The stage get totally crazy, many funny things was done by all members, Gt.Daisuke and Ba.Kouichi moved to the wings to capture the audience with their friendliness, while Vo.HIKARU holding a rubber mallet had fun hitting the crowd and Dr.Takeshi spitting water on everybody! KAMELO showed an humorist stage and did a great performance! They thanked the fans, said theme to enjoy the rest of the show, and left the stage.

The next band to performed was ALSDEAD, another new band that already performed in America during the anime convention A-Kon. ALSDEAD is an new alternative metal band and their music presented an aggressive and melodic metal sound mixed with electronic musical elements. They entered on the stage wearing a simple casual outfit, and opened the show with 2 heavy song showing their heavy raging sound. During the event all the bands featured a senior artist cover, and for their stage ASLDEAD announced MUCC's cover RYUSEI. The fans well welcomed the cover by clapping along with the rhythm, and the atmosphere in the venue become more soft. The show kept going with the melodic rock tune of Fragile a and finished with the tight and heavy sound of CYNICAL. The crowd head banging through, waves their arms until the end, while all members moved around the stage. Gt.Shin performed several heavy solo while Dr.Setsua closed the stage with a final furious drum beet and launched the drumsticks to the fans before to leave the stage. ALSDEAD put all they energy in this last song and received a good response by the fans.

The event continued with Administrator. The fans welcomed the band on stage by clapping hands in rhythm with the SE. The first song Shining make everybody jump up and down and wave hands on rythm . "We are Administator", Vo.Akuta screamed, and the second song Liberation started. Vo.Akuta cheered the crowd making theme repeating lines after him, while Gt.Kosuke sang during the choir. After the end of the song was time for a short MC, they thanked the fans and announced their fisrt cover of 44Magum STREET ROCKI'N ROLLER, a song that was also performed during the recent Jack in the Box. The cover started with a rhythmic electric guitar interrupted with a loud scream from Vo.Akuta. Bass and guitar had an active rule together, driving the venue on fire. The keeped rocking the venue with Oboro and closed their stage with the techno sound of Techno Break. During this last song members moved around the stage, Ba.Takuya covered part of the choir and played face to face with Gt.Kousuke, while Dr.Ryu performed a powerful and driving beat for the entirety of the number. He put all his energy in this las song, and closed it with a last explosive drum beet. They greeted the fans and one by one left the stage.

After a short break to set the stage, the light turned on again and Para:noir entered on stage.
Same days before Para:noir annunced that their will disband after their last one-man live the 31th April at SHIBUYA O-WEST and guitarist Yuuya has also revealed that he will retire from musical activities after this performance.
They opened their stage with the strong sound of ANTI+CHRIST anthem, and keeped going with, I want to die a bonus track from their last mini-album nihilism, that will be released on April 4th. During the second song Vo.Akane took off his black jacket and sang shirtless. The electronic and aggressive tune turned the crowd in crazy head bang. After the end of the second tune the venue turned silent, and SID's Ajisai cover started.. Understanding which song was, the venue became silent and the crowd enjoyed the song without moving focusing their attention on stage.
The silent atmosphere was broken with the next tune Amaryllis where Para:noir expressed all their power and went to the end with last song $how time in the [xxx] . During this song all members interacted with the fans cheering theme in several sensual way that driven crazy the crowd.

The last band to perform was the guest of the night: girugamesh. While waiting, the tension in the venue increased and exploded in loudest screams when Satoshi and the other members appeared on stage. girugamesh rocked the venue with three continuous songs patchwork, bit crash and stupid followed by an entusiastic audience. After was time for satoshi to greeting the audience with a short MC. He emphasize as girugamesh always had the rules of "junior" but this time, in a event with so many new bands ,they was the"senior"!
As for Jack in the Box they performed a new tune from their Sadistic band. They kept doing their show with the rapper tune of driving time but during their performance they had some technicals problems on stage and they stopped for some minutes. They resolved it soon and satoshi apologize for the inconvenient, they restarted the song from the beginning, and the show kept going. The stage become more hot with the last song, all members took position in front of the drum set and with a scream satoshi started break down!
All over on stage and in the audience everybody was jumping, fans rocked along with them, either head banging, shouting and cheering in the choir with satoshi. girugamesh performed and aggressive and gorgeous stage, after the curtain closed, large cheers called for the encore that arrived in few minutes!

The curtain opened and satoshi entered alone on stage. He introduced the special encore session's line up and called on stage, Dr.Takeshi from KAMELEO, on Ba.Aizawa shou from Pars:noir, on Gt.Kosuke from Administrator and Gt.Shin from ALSDEAD.
Fans cheered and calls also for the others members, all the others vocalist of the other bands joined the stage and all together they performed last song of the night evolution from girugamesh.
This last stage was a party one, everybody was singing together, hugging and doing funny things.

They greeted the audience with the auspicial for the future to enjoy also the next coming event, and the show came to the real end.
This was just the first show, but others event will coming soon on the J-rock explotion official page.

KAMELEO Setlist:
01: Hyoronka-teki DANCENUMBER
03: 21Seikiman
04: Niito Hime
05: yoshigaimanabu 17sai(musyoku)

ALSDEAD Setlist:
01: Into the void
02: Kairi
03: Ryusei (Mucc's cover)

Administrator Setlist:
01: Shining!
02: Liberation
03: STREET ROCK'N ROLLER (44magnum's cover)
04: Oboro
05: Techno Break

Para:noir Setlist:
SE Jane Doe
01: ANTI+CHRIST anthem
02: I want to die
03: Ajisai (SID's cover)
04: Amaryllis
05: $how time in the [xxx]

girugamesh Setlist:
01: patchwork
02: bit crash
03: stupid
04: new tune
05: driving time
06: Break Down

01: evolution.
Author: Jenny Micalizzi
last update: 2013-11-09