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LOKA presents Sexy,Bad and Heavy ~~produced by STAND MARIA~~ at Shibuya Milkyway
Date: 2014.06.22
Artist:   LOKA  
If you think about parties, what are the first things that pop up in your mind?
Most readers would probably think about good music, beautiful people and lots of alcohol, and we have to say that LOKA got it down for their "Sexy, Bad and Heavy" live.

The evening was warmed up but the previous bands, a series of very talented, powerful acts; THE STRANGE RASCAL, RISING 2 END, THE RHEDORIC, and porehead all delivered great performances, each falling in the rock spectrum but bringing its own style and originality to the music. Also, during the evening, free shots of champagne were passed around, firing up the crowd even more, and before the performance a video introduced the band and their previous, extensive tours abroad to those in the audience that might have not been familiar with LOKA’s explosive energy.

Eventually, the members appeared on stage among the clapping hands of the packed venue and the notes of a distorted SE; drummer KEN’ICHI, bassist Katsumi, guitarist SiNand vocalist Kihiro looked very different from the last time Nippon Project had a chance to see them, sporting a new look for 2014 . The band launched right away in its trademark alternative hard rock music with the sexy, catchy [Slick], followed by [From Yesterday] with its alternation of raw sections and slower passages enhanced by the tight bass lines.
Fists were then thrown in the air for the beautifully deep [11th Hour], during which Kihiro got closer to the crowd in one of the several stage diving moments of the evening. The atmosphere turned on the punkish side on the notes of [Daedalus], with water landing on the fans in an heated performance. Rapping smoothly slid onto a guitar solo, and even the most reluctant attendees were drawn into the act.
"It's so hot in here!" the vocalist complained, while some kind souls in the first rows tried to fan him. However, the whole band quickly regained energy, and inciting the crowd with a "Shall we go?", LOKA continued the show with the beautifully titled [Breathe me out the shadow], violently exploding in growling and moshing.
At this point, the venue had become so hot that the first rows were almost demanding water from the members on stage; but who drinks water at a party? Thus, a champagne bottle made its appearance, and vocalist Kihiro popped it open among cheers and passed it to the audience. While the bottle made its way through the crowd, the slow beginning of [Eden] sneaked in: a song fitting the mood of going the distance together, gaining energy with every passing note and making everyone jump till the livehouse shook.
" Club... rock... shit!" screamed Kihiro, echoed by the crowd, and with KEN’ICHI standing up behind his drum set to dance along the crowd, the band launched in one of their most famous tunes. [Club Rock Shit] saw Katsumi taking the spotlight, with its rhythmic chords delineating the uproarious framework of this encompassing song; electronic distortion, loud vocals and vigorous melody intertwining with over-the-top party lyrics, this piece is a trademark of LOKA’s music.
"This was the best!" exclaimed the vocalist, reassuring the Japanese fans that even if the band travels in Europe, they still love all their fans around the world the same.
The honor of closing the main part of the show went to [Tsubasa Trigger], a rough song with a gliding refrain and R&B-ish intrusions. The air was almost rendered unbreathable by the thick energy overflowing from the band and the fans alike, and with the last words "We are the world! We are LOKA!", the members left the stage - only briefly, since the calls for encore started right away.

Drummer KEN’ICHI was the first to reappear on stage, and he took the microphone to ask the crowd how they were, and to comment on the new looks of the members, who one by one joined him on stage. "2014 new hair!" was his catch phrase, and when it came to SiN, he commented that his head looked like a melon pan. The LOKA members then proceeded to celebrate SiN's birthday bringing a cake and smashing his face into it. A short cake fight among the members and the audience then followed, until Kihiro stopped it from going too far and damaging the equipment on stage. The band also announced the next STAND MARIA sponsored event, at Beach House Kula in Kanagawa prefecture in July, stating that everyone should go because “bandmen on the beach are super cool!”
LOKA then launched into the real last song of the evening, [Everybody Rock'n Roll]; included in the first mini-album released by the band, this sultry song is surely a fans’ favorite, and the perfect closure for a fierce, hot evening in the pursuit of rock.

LOKA will be in Europe in June and July for an extensive tour. Check the details on their website or on Ramen Events website, and make sure not to miss their crazy lives if they're coming to a city near you!
Additionally, some of the songs played during the night will be available on the new album [QUATTRO], coming out in September. The new video for [Tsubasa Trigger] is already available on YouTube, don’t miss it!

2.From Yesterday
3.11th Hour
5.Breathe me out the shadow
7.Club Rock Shit
8.Tsubasa Trigger

1.Everybody Rock'n Roll
Author: Diletta F.
last update: 2014-07-03