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SCANDAL - Hello World
Date: 2015.02.22
Artist:   SCANDAL  
Date of Interview: 2015.01.19
[Hello World] is the latest album work by SCANDAL, an all girl rock group formed in 2006 by four talented beauties.
The combo of attactiveness, cool fashion sense and upbeat tunes gained them a lot of recognition at home, and [Hello World] is the last record to be released before their first world tour (detailes here).

The album opens with [Image], a perfect representative of SCANDAL style: a youthful, catchy, candid pop-rock that often returns in the rest of the album, for example in [Kan Biiru]. This constant form is sometimes contaminated with pop-punkish, Avril Lavigne-esque atmospheres, like in [Your Song] or the funny [Hon wo Yomu].
Sometimes the guitar becomes tighter and more cadenced, like in [Runners High] or [Place of Life] (in collaboration with famous producer Tetsuya Komuro), or rawer as the rock side momentarily takes over, like in [Onegai Navigation], probably one of the most original and rock-oriented tracks of the album.
Some songs, on the other hand, seem to overtly wink at Japanese bright pop music, like [Yoake no Ryuuseigun] or [love in action], or the winter atmospheres of [Winter Story].
The album also has its more emotional moments, like the nostalgic and nocturnal [Departure], the evocative [Graduation] or the dreamy, vocaloid-ish [Oyasumi].

The physical edition of [HELLO WORLD], available in Europe through JPU Records, also includes two additional songs, not available on the Japanese version of the album: [Rainy], a longing track with powerful guitar riffs, and [Nai Nai Night 2014], a perfect beach song built on childish pop, tambourine and whimsical lyrics.
You can order your copy (complete with an English lyrics booklet) here, and buying from JPU Records will also get you a special A4 folder.

SCANDAL is the perfect band for those looking for a pleasant, mellow rock style and catchy melodies - the ones you would blast at full volume in your ears during an high school holiday, and you would choose as soundtrack for an all-girls road trip movie. They are a breath of fresh air for people who had enough of bubble-gum, pure Japanese idol pop and are looking for something with a bit more of an edge.

1. Image
2. Your song
3. love in action
4. Departure
5. Graduation
6. 夜明けの流星群 (Yoake no Ryuuseigun)
7. お願いナビゲーション (Onegai Navigation)
8. Runners high
9. 本を読む (Hon wo yomu)
10. 缶ビール (Kan BIIRU)
11. Winter story
12. おやすみ (Oyasumi)
13. Place of life(feat. Tetsuya Komuro)
14. Rainy
15. ないない Night 2014 (Nai Nai Night 2014)
Author: Diletta F.
last update: 2015-02-22