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Interview with KAMIJO before the World Tour
Date: 2015.02.22
Artist:   KAMIJO  
Date of Interview: 2015.02.15
Nippon Project had the chance to sit down with KAMIJO for a brief interview before his European tour. Read his interesting answers below! We will also release a report of the following live that he held at Takadanobaba Club PHASE, so keep on checking back!

Nippon Project: Thank you for finding time for the interview! Since the time is limited, let's start right away with the questions.
You've been in activity for 20 years, and you started your career as solo artist in 2013. Which song do you think best represents Kamijo as a solo artist and why?

KAMIJO: As of now, I think it's [Symphony of the Vampire]. It represents my path and my story in music form.

Since your European tour is coming soon, we would like to talk a bit about that. It's your first time to tour abroad as a solo artist, even though you did it before, during Versailles. What are you looking forward to as a solo artist?
The tour bus.

The tour bus?
Yes. It's very spacious!
Also, when you wake up, you are usually already in front of the live-house where you're going to play, and you can hear the voices of the fans waiting outside. It makes me really happy.

The tour will have a very tight schedule, but is there anything about Europe that you would really want to experience and why?
If it's possible, I would like to go to Edinburgh. It has a very dark image, so I would like to do a photoshoot there.

What kind of lives can the European fans expect?
They are going to be special lives! They will include songs from all my career; not only my solo works, but also songs by LAREINE, Versailles and NEWSODMY.

What is your favorite song to play live?
If I have to choose among the songs I will play today (ndt: at the Takadanobaba PHASE concert), I would say [Ano Hito No Aishita Hito Nara] from LAREINE period.

Even though it's a ballad, it fires up the audience, or...?
It makes everybody cry.

What are your plans for after the tour is over in August?
After the tour and coming back to Japan, I will probably be recording.

It's time for the last question! This year is Nippon Project 10th anniversary of activity. Can you leave a message for the readers of our website?
Congratulations for your 10th anniversary! You have been sharing news about Japan for the last ten years, I am really thankful for that. In the next ten or twenty years... I will also keep on singing, so I want us to reach together from Japan to the rest of the world, and I hope you'll support me from now on too.
Fans and readers of Nippon Project, I want you to experience a lot of things about Japan. Not only the music, Japan is home to a lot of wonderful things, and I hope I too can transmit them to you.
Thank you!

Nippon Project would like to thank Promic TV and KAMIJO's management for making this interview possible. Special thanks to Joann from Promic TV for helping us with the interview translation.
Author: Diletta F.
last update: 2015-04-02