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KAMIJO Special Limited Live -Prologue- at Club PHASE
Date: 2015.03.01
Artist:   KAMIJO  
Date of Concert: 2015.02.15
Before leaving for his world tour, KAMIJO met the fans for a last oneman live at Takadanobaba Club Phase; it was a great chance to see the artist in an unusually small venue, and no one wanted to let it pass, resulting in a tightly packed floor.

The fans' chit-chatting was halted by the screen rolling up, revealing a microphone stand intertwined with roses. On the notes of the epic SE, one by one the support members made their entrance: Maoki on drums, Masashi (from Jupiter) on bass, Daishi (from MU) and Meku (ex Galeyd) on guitar. KAMIJO was the last one to appear, dashingly in white, and the live opened with [Rose Croix].

Being at a KAMIJO live truly feels like being transported back to the time of the French court and its magnificent opulence... if they already knew rock and metal music. While all the tracks have a certain flowery and monumental atmosphere to them, they are also heavy in drums and bass lines, and sent the crowd into headbanging and oritatami (a typical Visual Kei concert move of bending forward in rhythm to the music) more then once. Red lights enhanced the grand fierceness of songs like [Aristocrat's Symphony] and [Shout & Bites], while pieces like [Moulin Rouge] transformed the venue in a decadent, sugary cabaret.
There was also time for a more intimate moment, with slower tracks like the delicate [Romantique] and the bittersweet ballad [Ano Hito no Aishita Hito Nara] from the Lareine era, that managed to fully employ the range and power of KAMIJO's voice, much to the audience's delight.

KAMIJO had also some time to chat with the audience during the live. "Je suis KAMIJO Versailles, bonjour!" he said in French during the first MC. "Welcome to the live-he continued- The year of KAMIJO has begun."
"I'm so glad to see your happy faces" he confessed later, when he also asked the audience to yell "Daisuki!" at him. "It's actually a bit embarassing..." he conceded.
He also announced the upcoming World Tour, that will bring him in Europe, North and South America.

The last song of the main part of the set was [Louis - Enketsu No La Vie En Rose-]. Pink and lilac lights aptly dyed the stage in the right hue, and the song opened with piercing guitar and violin notes, transforming into a baroque, vast narrative. The musicians all came to the front of the stage for the last notes, and left it among applauses.

An encore was promptly requested, and after a short wait the members came back on stage. KAMIJO walked around the stage, enjoying the calls of his name coming from the audience, then once again talked to the fans. "A lot of beautiful things have started this year" he said, and then he mentioned the KAMIJO official fan club opened this year, called "Rose Croix", and a special fan club trip that will take place in May and will include a two shot with him wearing a yukata and a karaoke exhibition with songs requests from fans.
The encore was opened by [Bara wa Utsukushiku Chiru], once again a song from the Lareine period, and then continued to movement six and seven of [Symphony of the Vampire].
"You are the best - said the vocalist at the end, looking at the audience -Your voice will stay in my heart. Thank you, really. I love you!"
Once again, KAMIJO and its support musicians among applauses.

Since the lights had not been fully turned on, the audience took it as a good sign and requested a second encore. After a few moments, the whole crew was back on stage.
"Only one song!" KAMIJO said smiling to the crowd, but that one song turned out to be five parts of [Symphony of the Vampire]! The fans had already gotten a taste of it at the beginning of the live, when the second and third movement had been played, and at the end of the live with the fourth, sixth and seventh movement, thus it only seemed fitting to hear some of the missing movements and putting the songs in the perspective they were created for.
The parts of [Symphony of the Vampire] tell a story, not only lyrics-wise but also melody-wise. It starts urgent and proud in [Presto], but slowly darkness creeps in with the voice becoming deeper and the guitars more frantic in [Sacrifice of Allegro]. [Royal Tercet] is a bloody, nostalgic waltz that leads to the fury of [Dying-Table], the heavier song of the composition and also of the evening, with its cadenced riffs, growls and shouts. [Sonata] is a road trip of violins, full of love, passing by in a breeze into [Mangetsu no Adagio], a magnificent, everlasting dream with soaring vocals and an haunting back chorus. [Throne] concludes the composition, going back to fast-paced, graceful guitars and a dignified vocal stance. It's a baroque, compelling story of damnation and salvation tinted in the bloody red of roses, and you wouldn't expect anything less by an experienced musician like KAMIJO.

If you also want to experience KAMIJO's unique universe, you might be able to do so in your own country. Check his live schedule and don't miss it!

SE Vive le Roi
1 Rose Croix
2 Aristocrat’s Symphony
3 Symphony of The Vampire 第二楽章「Sacrifice of Allegro」
4 Symphony of The Vampire 第三楽章「Royal Tercet」
5 Shout & Bites
6 Moulin Rouge
7 Romantique
8 あの人の愛した人なら
9 Métamorphose
11 Symphony of the Vampire 第四楽章「Dying-Table」
12 Louis ~艶血のラヴィアンローズ~

13 薔薇は美しく散る
14 Symphony of The Vampire 第六楽章「満月のアダージョ」
15 Symphony of The Vampire 第七楽章「Throne」

16 Symphony of The Vampire 第一楽章「Presto」
17 Symphony of The Vampire 第二楽章「Sacrifice of Allegro」
18 Symphony of The Vampire 第三楽章「Royal Tercet」
19 Symphony of The Vampire 第四楽章「Dying-Table」
20 Symphony of The Vampire 第五楽章「Sonata」
Author: Diletta F.
last update: 2015-04-02