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girugamesh 2014-2015 tour "gravitation" FINAL ONEMAN
Date: 2015.03.31
Artist:   girugamesh  
Date of Concert: 2015.03.14
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It had been almost one year and a half since girugamesh performed their last oneman but on March 24th, 2015 they delighted the fans with their 10th solo show. The venue was Studio Coast and the live was the final for the first half of 2014-2015 tour “gravitation”.

The livehouse was full of people, everyone anxiously waiting for the live to start. The stage had no curtains and it was already set for the show. Finally, the lights turned off and the concert started. The big spotlights flashed and lighted the hall in blue, and an enormous girugamesh logo immediately appeared on the back of the stage. The audience reacted by becoming louder, screaming and clapping their hands. The hall was filled by the melody of [MONSTER]'s SE and the band appeared on the stage. Яyo beat the drums a few times and the first song started. It was [gravitation]. The crowd started moving, already in the right mood for girugamesh's rocking music, everyone moshing in a pit. The next song was [Go ahead], a very powerful tune. The first notes flowed through the hall and fans raised their fists. “Let's go Shinkiba!”shouted Satoshi. [Zantetsuken] followed: the fans were driven insane and shouted the chorus lyrics in some kind of quick snip-snap with Satoshi.

The vocalist's first MC followed: “Today you are so many that I am already satisfied! (laughs) Thank you for having supported us during this tour! – he said - …I know that many of you saw our shows a lot of times and in various places, thank you! And thank you for coming today too! ”. Fans seemed to really appreciated those words: [antlion pit] had barely started but everyone was already jumping so enthusiastically that the hall was literally shaking. The following song was [CRAZY-FLAG], and then it was the turn of [driving time], another fast song. “We are still at the beginning, let's go!” yelled Satoshi before [DIRTY STORY]. All the fans sang the chorus, and Nii and ShuU alternatively came to the front of the stage various times. The 9th song was [Resolution], the bass and the guitar echoing loud in the venue. The audience was totally caught in their flow. For [suiren] the lights turned purple and the mirrorball started spinning, making everything in the hall shine in a violet shade. [COLOR] came next, and the public screamed and clapped their hands during the entire song.

Many of our dreams have come true and we are very lucky that we could do a lot of things that we liked. But some moments were tough and painful too. If we are who we are now, if we are an active band, it is thanks to every one of you who is here in Japan or overseas and enjoys listening to our music! Thank you for having supported us during the past ten years!” said Satoshi to the public. Then he continued introducing the next track: “I hope that this song will touch the heart of everyone of you, [Break Down]!”. Fans were still showing a lot of energy and during [crime – tsumi -] they cheered the band even louder. Without any break, [sunrise] followed, captivating the crowd. All the fans in the hall were dancing and Satoshi also made them spin their towels in the air. The band played another two songs, [Never ending story] and [ALONE], before a second MC started.

girugamesh had some very good news. First of all, they announced an official mobile fan club limited concert, called "anniversary live ‘thanks GMFC’", to be held on March 24th at Motoyawata Route Fourteen, the live house where they played their first show. Then, in April they will start a new Asian tour, called "-Memories of LIVEHOUSE oneman circuit- ‘XI’", which will see them play in several smaller, more intimate venues.

Every girugamesh member really gave his best for the live. Satoshi sang [Drain] so passionately that he was bending over during the chorus. Then was the turn of [VOLTAGE], and if possible the crowd got even more excited. The last song before the encore was [omaeni sasageru minikui koe]. For this track lights switched to red, the perfect color for such an aggressive rhythm, and all the members were bouncing across the stage while the crowd was moshing.

When girugamesh left the stage, fans immediately started screaming for the encore. Finally, the band came back to the venue, every member smiling satisfied and ready to open the encore with [Zecchou BANG!!]. The second song of the encore was [evolution] and everyone's adrenaline spiked. Satoshi got dangerously close to the edge of the stage and Яyo whirled his sticks in the air. Fans called each member's name in death voice several times. Last but not least was [arrow]. Everyone in the hall was almost exhausted, but the fans still cheered for the band and Satoshi’s high notes were still amazingly powerful. When the song ended, the band called everyone closer to the stage to take a picture all together, thanked the audience again and left the stage, followed by a warm applause.

As Satoshi said during his MC, this tour has ended but the 11th year of activity of the band will start soon. Check out girugamesh's official web site to know more about their upcoming live performances!


Go ahead
antlion pit
driving time
Not Found
睡蓮 (suiren)
Break Down
crime-罪- (crime-tsumi-)
Never ending story
Another way
お前に捧げる醜い声 (omaeni sasageru minikui koe)

絶頂BANG!! (Zecchou BANG!!)
Author: Sara T.
last update: 2015-10-19