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LUNA SEA 25th ANNIVERSARY TOUR THE LUNATIC A Liberated Will- at Tokyo International Forum, day 1
Date: 2015.04.07
Artist:   LUNA SEA  
Date of Concert: 2015.02.28
Image © 2015 LUNA SEA
There's a lot and at the same time not much to say when one has to report a live by legendary band LUNA SEA. Their tour, titled "25th ANNIVERSARY TOUR THE LUNATIC A Liberated Will- " spanned on two days, February 28th and March 1st, with several representatives of the foreign online press being invited on the first day. The tour final was then held in Osaka on March 14th.

The lives took place at Tokyo International Forum Hall A. The two-floor seated venue has a somewhat Japanese traditional feeling to it, partly given off by the high wooden ceiling and the lateral boardwalks, echoing a Kabuki theatre setting. The crowd was already in high spirits before the start, and the deafening screams when the lights turned off confirmed the excitement.
LUNA SEA members appeared on stage one by one among cheers, and started off their celebratory evening with white lights on [Anthem of Light]; an apt choice for a beginning, given its weightless and bright atmosphere and also it being the opening song of their album [A Will], the first new material to be released in 2013 after a 10 years pause. The catchy [TONIGHT] followed right away, with guitarists Inoran and Sugizo taking the chance given by this guitar-heavy song to get closer to the audience.

"Tokyo! How are you?" screamed Ryuichi, getting an enthusiastic response from the crowd. "It's the first time for us to play here. Obviously there are a lot of venues that we haven't been to yet, but since there is only one first time, let's make tonight legendary!". He continued saying that the audience was part of the performance as much as the band itself. "There are no rules tonight he added let's get loud, Tokyo!"

When it comes to Luna Sea, it is difficult to choose the highlights of a set list: every song in itself is a milestone in a 25 years long career, as fans highlighted by participating with jumping, singing and hands in the air for the whole concert.
However, there are some songs that everybody who has ever ventured into Visual Kei and Japanese rock has heard at least once: such is the case with [END OF SORROW], during which J and Inoran playfully dueled face to face. For another classic, [Sweetest Coma Again], the venue was transformed in a red cage by crimson lights appearing at the back of the stage, and Sugizo played his guitar like a love affair.
At the end of the song, Ryuichi delivered another short MC; 25 years have passed since LUNA SEA's formation and first live at Machida Playhouse, and he expressed how grateful he is for being able to grow together with the other 4 members.

Then he took the guitar too, for the recent yet timeless [Lost World]; he went back to pure singing for the beautiful [Glowing] and the following [RAIN], a track all played on his intense interpretation and Sugizo\'s lean yet sensual guitar lines.
For the next track, the guitarist took out his violin. After jokingly playing a bit of "Speak Softly Love" from the Godfather, he was joined on stage by J, Inoran and Ryuichi and later on by drummer Shinya for the hauntingly magnificent ballad [PROVIDENCE]. The energy rose again with Shinya's tight drums solo and [TRUE BLUE], during which Ryuichi playfully picked at Sugizo's guitar.
After the vocalist's little research on who had never seen Luna Sea before (hint for the answer: no one), who was appearing for the first time on this tour and who had been a die-hard fan through several dates, the show continued with the rainbow lights of [THOUGHTS].

As the main part of the live came close to the end, the set-list gained tempo, riling up the crowd. Starting after J's bass solo, the irresistible [The End of The Dream], led by Inoran and Sugizo's fate-to-face guitar crossfire, set the rock pace for the vagrant mood of [TIME IS DEAD]. The whole band came close together at the front of the stage, with Ryuichi yelling "Let's go for one more song!". The main set ended with the unforgettable [ROSIER], fans moving their hands in the air in rhythm as a sole being.

An encore was called right away, and soon the band members came back on stage with more casual outfits. "Thank you everybody for coming here tonight - Ryuichi said thank you for showing us this wonderful scenery. From these 5 people, from the bottom of our hearts [I FOR YOU] ". The crowd cheered in excitement and then went completely still; lights turned to purple and spotlights shone on the members for this tender, heartfelt classic which made full use of the vocalist's power and skills.
He spoke again at the end of the song, saying that this tour had brought them to a lot of venues around the nation, meeting people that had never had the chance to see LUNA SEA before, and they were able to make a lot of good memories. "But after 25 years, there are still people who haven't seen us it seems like world domination is still ahead of us" he jokingly pointed out.
"While the world domination part is a joke, there is a special color that only LUNA SEA possesses, and you are part of it too - he continued - There is a bond only WE have. There are things only WE can show you. So let\'s make this even hotter. Lend us your true voice. Tokyo, let's have a blast!".

After these powerful words, guitarist Inoran started off the uber-classic [IN MY DREAM], and the concert typically ended on the notes of [WISH], with silver string falling from the ceiling and reflecting the stage lights in a million of shiny speckles, while the crowd sang along.
Or not. The audience was so vocal at the end of the song, that after a brief consultation in the middle of the stage, LUNA SEA decided to play one more song. "Would you stay here until the last train? Do you really want to do this?" inquired Ryuichi smiling, and to the delight of the fans [Djvu] was added to the set-list impromptu. The audience happily sang on Inoran's notes, while all the members roamed around the stage and on the boardwalks, getting closer to the audience.

As tradition, the concert ended with LUNA SEAmembers and fans jumping all together while holding hands. Even in a tour pre-final, LUNA SEA's decennial experience shines through, and while some things change with time and looks might be tamer, the enthusiasm is still the same after 25 years.
While LUNA SEA is taking a little break, you can look forward to their "LUNATIC FEST", a rock festival that will take place at the end of June at Makuhari Messe. More info on the two full days of music can be found on the OHP of the event here, with advance tickets for overseas fans here.
With LUNA SEA as organizers, one can only imagine what an awesome event it will be!

1. Anthem of Light
3. Rouge
5. Sweetest Coma Again
6. Lost World
7. Glowing
9. Providence
Drum solo
11. Thoughts
Bass Solo
12. The End of the Dream

15. I for You
17. WISH

18. Djvu

pictures attached to the article were taken on the second day of the show, March 1st
Author: Diletta F.
last update: 2015-10-19