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Date: 2015.04.07
Artist:   WING WORKS  
Date of Concert: 2015.03.21
On March 21st, WING WORKS performed their oneman live “RAVVE OF MY TRINITY-THE LIVE WORKS FINAL-” at Shibuya WWW. As suggested by its title, during this live the band gave us a preview of their fifth single [RAVVE OF MY TRINITY].

The hall was crowded and fans were very excited for the show to start. While waiting for it, the ones standing in the first rows were chatting loudly and going over the choreographies for every WING WORKS' song. As the lights turned down, the live house fell immediately silent. Thunders grumbling echoed from the amplifier, and finally the black curtain that was hiding the stage opened, revealing a big silver panel and a big screen; words suddenly appeared on it, telling the story of an android who came from the year 2033 to save the Earth's future. When the screen went back to white, a laser drew the WING WORKS logo on it, and a bright reversed triangle appeared on the silver panel. A futuristic atmosphere was permeating the venue. Finally, the five WING-MEN walked onto the stage in white outfits. At the same time, the silver panel opened showing RYO:SUKE’s silhouette in his new silver outfit, shining in the half-light.

The first song was [Silhouette], and the WINGERs (the name given to the band’s fans) went immediately crazy. They raised their fists, showing their flashing rings, and crazily headbanged. The second track was [Mr. FANTASTIC], a fast tune that made everyone jump and the WING-MEN move around the stage, interacting with the crowd.
When the song ended, RYO:SUKE yelled “We are WING WORKS!” and the crowd answered him by calling his name aloud. The following songs were [Adam], [Megido] and [ILLUMINA LUMINALION], which were played without a single break in-between them.
When the latter one started, lights changed to blue and RYO:SUKE and the other band members had their back to the venue. When they turned towards the audience, they were wearing V for Vendetta's masks, and the same mask image also appeared on the screen. During this song they continuously encouraged fans to become more and more wild, and the guitars were so loud that the room was shaking . As the song ended, RYO:SUKE screamed the next song title, [FENNIX] and lifted up his arms. [THE LIGHT OF EXODUS] followed, and then came [MAD SQUARE GARDEN], the slowest song of the evening. RYO:SUKE passionately sang the first verse with the microphone on a stand, tightening both hands around it and dancing on the chorus melody. Then, all of a sudden, he threw the stand to the ground, got down on his knees and lied down on the stage while continuing singing.

When the song ended, the band left the stage and the picture of a desolate landscape appeared on the screen. Appearing on it, white words explained more about the story of the android who came from 2033 to save the world. A big “2033” filled the screen, and the music started again. When the members came back on stage, RYO:SUKE was wearing a black outfit. After a few seconds the [VAD†MAN] melody began, and fans immediately started headbanging hard. The following song was [Time:Machine], and RYO:SUKE sang it on the front of the stage, very close to the crowd. In the middle of the performance, he yelled “Everyone, crouch down!”, and then he made everyone in the venue jump up together.

[Metoroa 3.0] followed, in what was a great performance. Fans were so excited that they moshed from left to right, trying at the same time to touch RYO:SUKE who was sitting on the edge of the stage. The song ended in a rainbow of lasers and lights, with pink lights flashing on the bassist and the guitarists. RYO:SUKE screamed “Shibuya, I am so happy to be here tonight! I came here today because I really wanted to meet you all! [...] I want you to have good memories of this evening! Next is [I'll die, but my CREATION never die.]!”. It was the last song of the main set list, and when the last note died away the stage curtains closed.

When the members of the band came back for the encore, everyone had changed his clothes to white trousers and a black t-shirt, aside from RYO:SUKE who was wearing the same outfit but in opposite colours, black trousers and white t-shirt.

The first song of the encore was [Moving Light Kiss]. “Thank you for the encore! Are you having fun? - RYO:SUKE asked, and the audience cheered - This live is the funniest I ever had! Thank you a lot”. Then, before playing the new single [RAVVE OF MY TRINITY], he explained why he chose the concept of “Trinity” for its title and for this live theme. The reason was that him, the WING-MEN and the WINGERs are the three elements forming WING-WORKS, thus making the Trinity the perfect concept to represent this band. The new song eventually started, and the fans enthusiastically approved it, headbanging and putting their hands up in the in air.

Sadly the live arrived at the last song, [FIXXION BOY]. When it ended, RYO:SUKE screamed “We're WING-WORKS!” and made its typical upside down L symbol on his forehead.

The WING-MEN left the stage one by one, after being called by name and thanked by RYO:SUKE. He was especially grateful to Intetsu (ex AYABIE), who retired from the music industry on that very first day, and before leaving the stage the two of them hugged. Before disappearing in the backstage, RYO:SUKE said goodbye to his fans as well: “Thank you for coming! The trinity is here!” he said, marking the end of the concet.

Finally, an announcement on the future activities of the band appeared on the screen. Called “WING WORKS_2.0 FUTURISTIC AND:ROID PROJECT”, it will be divided in three phases. The first one will be three consecutive single releases, the second one will be a live at Shinjuku BLAZE on July 5th, and the third and last phase will be two concerts at Shinjuku ReNY on December 19th and 20th , respectively an event live and a oneman live titled “WING WORKS ONEMAN SHOW <THE FITURISTIC FIELD>”.


メギド( Megido)
不死鳥 -FENNIX-
メテロア3.0 (Metoroa 3.0)
I'll die, but my CREATION never die.
モービングライトキス(Moving Light Kiss)
Author: Sara T.
last update: 2015-10-19