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Mail interview with WING WORKS
Date: 2015.06.09
Artist:   WING WORKS  
Date of Interview: 2015.06.28
This year, Nippon Project had the chance to attend WING WORKS' oneman at Shibuya WWW (you can find the report here). It was the first time for us to cover a live by RYO:SUKE, vocalist and founder of the project, and eventually we also got the chance to interview him! Read on for a glimpse into his world view, the new single "RAVVE OF MY TRINITY" and for a few thoughts about his overseas appearance!

First of all, thank you for finding the time for this interview! Since it’s the first time for you to be
interviewed by Nippon Project, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

★I'm WING WORKS' RYO:SUKE. I've come from Tokyo, from the year 2033.

Let’s talk a bit about your new single, “RAVVE OF MY TRINITY”. The trinity was also an important concept in your oneman live. Why did you choose this concept?
★The concept came from all the many difficulties during the lives we did in 2014, concerning myself and the original WING-MEN as well as the WINGER (ndt: this is the name given to WING WORKS' fans). So in this way, I very strongly felt WING WORKS as a trinity.

The title track sees MEG (from metalcore band ARTEMA) in the role of co-producer. This is a very unique collaboration between genres for a Visual kei artist. How did you decide on it?
★I really like MEG's sound, so I actually extended the offer to them. I did this because I wanted visual kei to have new kinds of sounds.

You will be soon playing these songs at lives, or maybe you already did. When it comes to playing them at lives, which one of the three is your favorite and why?
★I think all of the songs are great, so I can't choose even one!

You always put a lot of attention into your visual and looks. What is the concept behind the look for the new single?
★The concept is an android, which has come to Earth from the year 2033.

Is there any artist whose work inspired you for “RAVVE OF MY TRINITY”?
★ I thought a lot about my past works. I wanted to update my past, and with that in mind I created this song.

Do you feel that being into the visual kei scene expands or narrows your limits as an artist?
★ I think it will expand. If anything, I think because I am a visual kei artist, people overseas will be interested. I want to do more activities overseas as a Japanese visual kei artist.

Can you tell us where your signature gesture of the upside down L on the forehead comes from?
★ When I had realized it, I was already doing it. It's completely an inspiration from God.

Some of our readers might not be familiar with WING WORKS. What song would you recommend to someone as an introduction?

Let’s talk a bit about your first performance abroad. First of all, the question we ask to all Japanese artists: did you feel the audience was different? If so, how?
★ As many artists have said, you can feel the feelings of people overseas much more directly than Japanese fans. Japanese fans are more shy.

By now you are probably used to touring inside Japan, but touring abroad exposes you to a whole new set of challenges. While we will be able to see some of this on the single’s DVD , what was the most challenging moment? And the funniest one?
★ I've been doing tours within Japan for many years, so it feels really natural. The overseas culture, the attitude of the fans, the value of the staff and etc - they're very new to me so everything is a challenge.

What did you love the most about being abroad, or specifically in Paris?
★ Overcoming language barriers through music, in just that moment the feeling is incomparable.

Why were you interested in going abroad in the first place?
★ I think Japan is wonderful, but it's a very small country. I think, as an artist, the goal is to have just even one more person listen to your music, isn't it?

What other countries would you like to visit, if given the chance?
★I want to go to any country. No matter how small the convention or the event, I will gladly go.

Finally, please leave a message for our readers!
★Burn your soul.

For those of you who want to get a taste of WING WORKS music, you can find the MV for his latest single "RAVVE OF MY TRINITY" here below. The single is also available on iTunes from today!
Additionally, WING WORKS has also recently opened a fanclub, and fans from abroad can also join. For more info, please head over to this page wingworks-official.com/fanclub/

Nippon Project would like to thank RYO:SUKE and Vivienne Nguyen for making this interview possible.
Author: Diletta F.
last update: 2015-10-19