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Interview with MUCC in London
Date: 2015.06.25
Artist:   MUCC  
Date of Interview: 2015.05.24
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The eclectic band MUCC was in concert in London, for the "F#CK THE PAST F#CK THE FUTURE" European tour. Tatsurou and YUKKE kindly gave us an interview few hours before the show, revealing future plans and curiosities

Welcome to London! Did you have time to go sightseeing in the city? Where have you visited?

YUKKE: We arrived last night about 8…(Tatsurou: no it was more like 7), 7 or 8 anyway, I got on the tube to Piccadilly Circus, went to the China town for dinner. I really wanted to go to Westminster as well because I like Big Ben but because it was Sunday, the tube ended quite early. I couldn’t visit there. I like London and wish we had more time to explore.

You have already performed at the O2 Academy Islington, what do you expect from it this time?
What do you think it’s going to be different this time?

YUKKE: We released 2 more albums since the last time we played here. We have new songs now so it would be completely different from years ago.

How do you choose the set list for a gig?

YUKKE: Our leader Miya, the guitarist, decides. This time, we picked songs from our previous albums, new album, and also songs which we don’t usually perform in Japan but ones oversea fans seem to enjoy. What Japanese fans and oversea fans like are slightly different.

In June your new album "T.R.E.N.D.Y. -Paradise from 1997" will be released. Can you give us some details?
Starting from the title, any meanings behind it?

Tatsurou: We played with the word “trendy”. The word “trendy” was heavily used in media like TVs in the 90’s. The songs in this album are inspired by the 90’s, the time we first started our band as kids. What people in Japan called trendy and what we, as the band, found trendy had a gap. We found that gap interesting.

How do you choose the album track list?

YUKKE: It was going to be a mini-album, so we worked on having only 7 songs from the beginning. We pictured the track list to be like a set list for gigs or music fests. Even someone who has never seen MUCC’s live before can feel the buzz and enjoy the vibe.

How did you find the process of making this mini album?

Tatsurou: Agony. From writing songs to recording, we were in total agony.
YUKKE: Only Miya, seemed to be enjoining the process. We were on a tight schedule and had to really focus to finish producing it.

You have tried different genres in music, is there any other styles you’d like to explore in the future?

YUKKE: (to Tatsurou) Do you have anything?
Tatsurou: Mmm…I know…something MUCC want to try…I can’t really produce it by myself but mmm… ah something like Flamenco style.

Which song do you like performing on stage and why?

YUKKE: Lately, I’ve been enjoying “Ender Ender”. The audience’s response is needed to complete it. The audience’s chant is as important as the performance on the stage. We move around a lot so it’s like playing a sport.

Are there any songs by other artists/bands that you wanted to write yourself?

Tatsurou: So many.
YUKKE: During the process, we sometimes think about other songs as well.

We know there is a good relationship between you and girugamesh, any plans to collaborate?

Tatsurou: In the near future? A collaboration with girugamesh? well, maybe if they asked us.

What makes you stay together as a band after so many years?

Tatsurou: Staying together for a long period of time...mmm…
YUKKE: To not get injured or sick is very important. Fortunately MUCC haven’t had major injuries.
Tatsurou: Courtesy. We respect and care for each other.
YUKKE: And the enthusiasm to explore and experiment with our music.

You have many fans around the world writing to you through social network, and wishing you would play gigs in their countries. Where would you like to play in the futureI'm living in England but I'm from Italy, any plans to play in my country?

Tatsurou: I’d like to go to South America again. We played in Chile, Argentina and Mexico but not other places like Brazil. Although it’s so close to Japan, we haven’t been to South Korea either.
Tatsurou and YUKKE: We’ve never been to Italy either.
Tatsurou: I’d love to go and have pizzas…delicious pizzas in Italy.

The world tours have given you the opportunity to experience different cultures. Has it influenced your music?

Tatsurou: It’d be nice if it does.

Talking about different cultures, have you ever had a "culture shock"?

YUKKE: When we went to Germany for the first time, there was a man who had a really really long goatee and he had a wire or a protector for it. It was at a metal fest and he was a member of a band. I was really shocked by it.
Tatsurou: Most countries have apples, melons and watermelons but I almost never find any good ones. Japanese fruits are extremely good so if people haven’t experienced Japanese fruits, I’d love to make them try some!

What other plans do you have for the future, any dreams?

YUKKE: Our vision is already focused on the 20th anniversary of MUCC. We hope to really celebrate our 20th anniversary soon.

It's time for the last question! This year is Nippon Project’s 10th anniversary. Can you give a message for the readers of our website?

Tatsurou: We are happy that we have appeared regularly on Nippon Project for a long time. We are looking forward to seeing you for MUCC’s 20th and even 30thanniversary!

MUCC mini-album, T.R.E.N.D.Y. -Paradise from 1997- , is now available on:
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Nippon Project would like to thanks MUCC and their management for this interview.
Author: Pietro S. , Meiko K.
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