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SEASON OF GHOSTS - The Human Paradox
Date: 2015.07.02
Artist:   Season Of Ghosts  
Date of Release: 2014.12.08
SEASON OF GHOSTS is the new music project of Sophia, former vocalist of the Japanese band BLOOD STAIN CHILD.
The project’s first album, The Human Paradox, was released at the end of 2014. With an amazing line-up of artists working behind the scenes, including Ettore Rigotti (who has also worked previously with Japanese metal band GYZE) at the mixing and MiA from visual Kei band MEJIBRAY as guest guitarist, one can only expect an excellent work, and undoubtedly the album meets this expectation.

As defined on its official website, Season of Ghosts “combine extreme rock and metal sounds, harsh electronics and powerful, compelling vocals, through the eerie spectrum of a Sci-Fi, horror movie”.
The description is truly fitting. The album opens as with a strong mix of metal and electronic elements , with fast-paced, pressing songs like [Time Travellers]. While the more aggressive songs give the record an energetic edge, perfect to headbang along, the true colors and soul of SEASON OF GHOSTS emerge in deeper slower tracks like the violet shaded [Dream; Paralysis] and the haunting [Beautiful Eternal Things]. These tracks also showcase in full light Sophia’s renowned skills and clean voice, which unfold at their best in the engulfing title track [The Human Paradox], with the gentle story of its lyrics, and the eerie and ethereal [The Road to Acheron].

The Human Paradox is already available in the best online shops for digital download (you can find a complete list here), and will also be released in Japan on July 8th in a special edition with exclusive bonus tracks.

1. Nothing Disappears Without A Trace
2. Genesis - The Phoenix Syndrome
3. Time Travellers (feat. MiA from Mejibray)
4. Dream; Paralysis
5. The Human Paradox
6. [NE]: MESIS - The Kiss Of Justice
7. Beautiful Eternal Things
8. Dreaming In The Gray Lands
9. The Road To Acheron
10. Quantum - Through The Looking Glass (feat. MiA from Mejibray)
11. Reincarnation
12. There And Back Again
Author: Diletta F.
last update: 2015-07-02