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LUNATIC FEST at Makuhari Messe - DAY 2 (June, 28th 2015)
Date: 2015.07.06
Date of Concert: 2015.06.28
If you haven’t heard about LUNATIC FEST, you probably have been living under a rock or on another planet for the last few months. Sponsored by legendary band LUNA SEA, this event live put to shame any other event live of the year, gathering together several well-known names of contemporary Japanese rock music in all his shades; from younger “kohai” to older “senpai” bands of the scene, in an impressive scenario spread over three stages and two days at Makuhari Messe.
Report of the first day of Lunatic Fest can be found here.

Performing artists: LUNACY, Lin Tosite Sigure, ROTTENGRAFFTY, minus (-), AION, KA.F.KA, MUCC, [Alexandros], GLAY, D’ERLANGER, BUCK-TICK, LUNA SEA

Once again on the second day, LUNA SEA opened the live with their alter-ego band LUNACY. As already mentioned in the report of the first day, LUNACY recalls the band's origins with a much more "visual" look; RYUICHI sported black eyeliner and a mohawk-ish hairdo, while Inoran built up his look with small braids and a large black hat, J hid himself behind sunglasses, Sugizo snuggly fit into a black leather vest and Shinya opted for an heavier make-up. The band sang three songs from their origins; [FATE], [SUSPICION] and [SHADE].

The day went on with the progressive indie rock of 凛として時雨 (Lin Tosite Sigure), whose work [I'mperfect] was released in Europe by label JPU Records. The band however played no songs from this record, opting for older pieces and the well-known [Enigmatic feeling], opening theme of Psycho-Pass anime’s second season; the members still captured the audience with their swiftly changing tracks, intricate guitar riffs and unique male-female vocals. ROTTENGRAFFTY followed with a meaner, punk rock streak enhanced by LUNA SEA's bassist J appearing with them on stage for [This World]. The show continued with minus (-) and AION, then KA.F.KA's took the stage with their alternative, dark rock endorsed by Sugizo's presence at the guitar for their track [Transmission].

MUCC climbed on stage next, welcomed by an eerie background music and images of the fans' hands in the rock horns pose projected on the screen; behind the band, a giant flag with their name and a spider-shaped skeleton with a human skull. The set started right away with MUCC's most recent style of music, a mix of hard rock and dance elements. Vocalist Tatsurou brought his hand to his ear, inviting the crowd to be louder, and after repeatedly touching his chest at the height of his heart he started off the set with [Suiren], a perfect representative of MUCC's current music, with its impeccable mix of growling and singing, biting guitar riffs and electronica. The set continued with [ENDER ENDER], turning to dance-inspired sounds, and then switched back to a harsher rhythm intertwined with an evocative refrain in [D-f-D]; vocalist Tatsurou captured the crowd with his stage antics and energy, while screams welcomed guitarist and band leader Miya's rapping parts.
Satochi's marching drums opened the following [G.G.], while the vocalist invited everyone in the hall to jump in rhythm with the song, perfect to get wild thanks to its dry, tight drums and sharp guitar riffs. The distorted guitar at the beginning of [Ranchuu] sounded almost like an harmonica, and during this song vocalist Tatsurou managed to convince all attendees to sit down on the ground and then jump together at his signal, shaking up Makuhari Messe.
Yellow lights turned on and off in time with the guitar riffs in the somewhat nostalgic [TONIGHT], and the fans raised their fists in the air to accompany the music until the last note.

Popular band [Alexandros] appeared next, with their carefree and youthful rock. Their set included their well-known track [starrrrrrr], evoking summer road trips and young loves. Vocalist Youhei Kawakami also took some time to recount his first encounter with LUNA SEA; he was in elementary school, and even though the band's fans seemed scary to him at first, they turned out to be nice girls. After that, he came in contact once again with LUNA SEA's music later in his life, and he almost couldn't believe that such a cool sounding band would come from the same country as him, Japan.

The latter part of the day included several big names of Japanese rock music: first GLAY, welcomed by the warm applause of the audience. Their set started off with the deep and slow [HEAVY GAUGE], ending in a distorted mix of guitars and drums, and impeccably carried over to the exemplary rock of [Yuuwaku]. Vocalist Teru announced [Binetsu (A)Girl SUMMER] by clapping his hands, and the whole audience soon followed him in this cheerful track.
"This is a very old song - said Teru before the live went on - it came out twelve years ago, but please listen to it". As soon as the guitar played the first notes of the lively yet slightly melancholic [Tsuki ni inoru], the crowd started fist pumping in rhythm with the guitar and the violet lights. Without break, GLAY carried on to [Koushin], and then played a tribute to the organizers with a cover of LUNA SEA's [SHADE]. "Come on!" yelled Teru, encouraging the crowd to give their all for [Kanojo no "Modern..."]; another evergreen by GLAY, everyone in the audience reproduced the choreography of punching the air in time with the beat. The band then played a track from their most recent self-titled album, [Till Kingdom Come], characterized by an harmony of guitars chasing each other until fire once again erupted on stage; the set eventually ended with the freedom scent of [HEROES].

D'ERLANGER was the next to appear on the Shine Stage, with purple laser spirals painting the ceiling of Makuhari Messe over their SE. Their first song was [SADISTIC EMOTION], followed by the two-step rhythm of [dummy blue] and the well-known, juvenile [LULLABY]. Vocalist Kyo then announced a guest, and LUNA SEA's Inoran appeared on stage, kneeling in front of guitarist Cipher after hugging Kyo; as LUNA SEA's fans certainly will know, Inoran is a big fan of Cipher since his teenage days and deeply respects him as a guitarist. They performed together [LA VIE EN ROSE], one of the first singles ever released by the band; then DERLANGER concluded the set with [CRAZY4YOU].

BUCK-TICK was another long-awaited guest for the second day of Lunatic Fest. A multicolor kaleidoscope of various shapes appeared on the back screen, soon leaving the scene to the band’s name in a smoky font and the expected screams of the audience. The kaleidoscope graphics came back for the opening song, the enthralling [Dokudanjou Beauty -R.I.P-]; green lasers and white flashes highlighted the powerful drumming and vocals of [Melancholia -ELECTRIA-], and then [ONCE UPON A TIME] followed .
[Django!!! –Genwaku no Django-] started with guitar chords and blue lights, chased by snapping fingers and firm drum beats by Toll Yagami, that for the day sported an even longer and more extreme version of his usual mohawk. At the end of [Memento Mori], vocalist Atsushi Sakurai picked up a spotlight and held it towards the crowd, almost as a seeker of people who weren’t enjoying themselves enough. [Iconoclasm] saw LUNA SEA’s J making a guest appearance on stage, and then the set was wrapped up with the last three tracks; the torrid [Makka na Yoru], [Keijijou Ryuusei] and the mysterious, piercing [Mudai].

Once again, it was time for LUNA SEA to take the stage. While the setlist included several of the songs played the night before, the band also included some different tracks, making the evening unforgettable even for those who had attended both days. One example was [FACE TO FACE], a sultry rock song made even hotter by the fire and smoke on stage; RYUICHI’s intensely gazed into the camera, reaching and piercing everyone in the audience. Another example was a beautiful rendition of the ballad [Providence]; RYUICHI’s voice and Sugizo’s violin intertwined over the image of a glass stained window in this desperate and longing song.
The fans were also handed another beautiful present, introduced by RYUICHI’s speech: “ You really are the best tonight, thank you! I thought about this a lot. We also had some periods of inactivity, but by coming to this event, we were able to experience a lot of things. I really feel that to stop doing music would be bad. LUNA SEA will keep on walking together with you all. To all of you, a song from our beloved hide! ” he said, before the first note of an amazing version of [Rocket Dive] invaded the hall.
Once again for the encore, several members of the other bands came back on stage to perform all together LUNA SEA’s [BELIEVE], with some of the vocalists joining RYUICHI in the singing and GLAY’s HISASHI playing the guitar solo, with Sugizo kneeling beside him and waving his hand in a typical Visual kei fashion.
After the other bands left, LUNA SEA once again thanked the audience for coming, and started playing the last song of the event. [WISH] was the perfect conclusion to the two days of LUNATIC FEST, with silver ribbons falling from the ceiling over the whole hall and everyone grabbing one, jumping and singing along to the track.
At the end, the band asked everyone to hold hands and jump together; and before leaving the stage, Inoran promised: “ We will definitely meet again!

Setlist: LUNACY and LUNA SEA
-SE- (King Volcano)

-SE- (月光)
1. Anthem of Light
6. Providence
7. I for You
8. ROCKET DIVE (hide with spread beaver)
9. Metamorphosis
EN1. BELIEVE (セッション)
Author: Diletta F.
last update: 2015-10-19