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Date: 2015.07.22
Artist:   JUNO REACTOR  
Finally on May 22nd, Juno Reactor's tour reached Tokyo, the concert that all Japanese fans were waiting for. The lights of the hall and the big screen behind the stage turned down and show began. One by one, the members walked onto the stage and when all of them had taken place on the stage the concert started. The first song was “Conquistador #1 & #2” which, as you can imagine, is a track made up of two different parts. While “Conquistador #1” mixes latin guitar, cymbals and soft voice, “Conquistador #2” has a different impact; faster rhythm, electronic sounds and aggressive percussion. When the second half started, Mali ran across the stage to start a fast tribal dance. Everybody was hypnotized, it was impossible to take the eyes off her.

The crowd was already super excited and the next song, “Biot Messiah”, allowed SUGIZO to entertain the audience with his guitar, arousing enthusiasm in everyone. “I wanna see your arms” yelled Ben and everyone in the hall put their arms up in the air. “Narvas” and “Mona Lisa Overdrive” followed, respectively one of “The Matrix Revolution” and “The Matrix Reloaded” soundtrack songs. When the first one started, on the screen appeared Maya-like patterns overlaying each other and disappearing in spots. Mali danced throughout the song, sometimes twirling with a big gold cloak on her shoulders, sometimes waving a shawl. On “Mona Lisa Overdrive” both the audience and the band got even more excited. Taja's vocals got more and more powerful and she also performed a little dance moving her arms in circle on rhythm. Everybody in the crowd was dancing and singing.

“God is God” is another of the songs that everybody was waiting to hear as it is another classic of Juno Reactor's discography. For this track on the screen were some scenes from the film The Color of Pomegranates, which matched perfectly with this catchy, yet ghostly, song. Everybody, band members included, got carried away by this track's rhythm. SUGIZO was so into it that he lifted up his right arm several times and continued moving his head all long the song.

The first half of the concert was closed by “Zombie”. It is an amazing, creepy and cadenced song. Mali captivating dance emphasize the dark atmosphere. It reached its maximum when she thrown herself down on the stage to start a convulsive dance, succeeding in getting an exult out of the audience. This song performance had been so absorbing that at the end of the song fans roared so loud that I got surprised.
The following drum session by Budgie and Leonard was a pleasant interlude. Both of them are great percussionists and their performance was delightful.

For “Ingonyama”, the lights turned blue and on the screen appeared snow crystals. During this song Ben and Taija continuously pumped up the crowd, dancing and singing. “I want to hear some guitar!” yelled Ben to SUGIZO, who replied to him with a guitar solo. “I want to hear you play!” screamed again the others. The same pattern went on three or four times until SUGIZO performed a loud and awesome solo that made everybody in the hall scream. “If you love this man, let me hear you scream!”, shouted Ben to fans who yelled with all of their voice.

The last song was “Pistolero”, a song composed in collaboration with the great guitarist, Steve Steven. Ben asked the crowd to get louder, “This is not a church! Sing, sing!” and the audience went crazy. They danced and clapped their hands during all the song, especially when SUGIZO played the quick main tune. As Ben and SUGIZO started a guitar cross-fight, no one could take their eyes off of them. On the last chorus Ben screamed, “One more time, I came here to hear you!” and all fans started singing together.

When “Pistolero” ended, the band members greeted fans and left the stage. The audience immediately begged for an encore. Budgie and Leonard were the first ones coming back on the stage. They delighted us with their percussion until the other members joined them, ready to start the encore. The set-list for it was “Final frontier “ and “Masters of the Universe”. During those last songs Ben repeatedly said or sung thank you to the audience for coming. “See you on the dark side of the moon!”, he said in the end. Before leaving the stage, all of the members bowed and leaned over the stage to shake hands with fans.

It has been an absorbing performance, both a visual and auditory experience that it is rarely possible to have during a concert. If you haven't done it yet you should absolutely check out this band. They will be on tour in Europe until the end of November, take a look at their website if you want to know more about the dates. My suggestion is not to miss them!

1. Conquistador 1# & 2#
2. Biot Messiah
3. Navras
4. Mona Lisa overdrive
5. Invisible
6.God is God
7. Zombie
Drum session
8. Ingonyama
9. Hotaka
10. Conga Fury
11. Pistolero

12. Final frontier
13. Masters of the universe

Author: Sara T.
last update: 2015-10-19