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MUCC Tour "F#CK THE PAST F#CK THE FUTURE" Final【The Requiem, Endless Nightmare, Darkness YHWH,】, July 18th at Shinkiba Studio Coast
Date: 2015.08.02
Artist:   MUCC  
Date of Concert: 2015.07.18
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After several dates in Japan and a visit to Europe and Russia, MUCC wrapped up their “F#CK THE PAST F#CK THE FUTURE” tour with a sold-out live at Shinkiba Studio Coast. The gloomy sky and humid rainy season didn’t stop the fans from selling out the venue, both in the pit and the second floor.

The live opened with a short video of MUCC, briefly recounting their rehearsals and tour in Europe, with the crowd accompanying the countdown and eventually screaming when violent lights and the SE music welcomed the members. Clouds appeared on the stage’s back screen, and [Suiren] opened the night with the original mix of mean rock, rap and electronica typical of the current MUCC. Lights changed to red, green and blue for [ENDER ENDER], with parts of the lyrics appearing on the back screen during the song.
MUCC’s shows are an amazing experience not only because of the band’s talent, but also thanks to the fans’ impressive energy and wildness: the following [D・f・D] started to open the Pandora’s box, with the crowd producing several moshing circles in the pit and the first brave souls trying out crowd surfing (a sight relatively rare at Japanese bands’ shows in Japan). Fire erupted on stage, and the screen was changed into MUCC’s ominous logo, their name accompanied by a skeletal spider with a human skull. Flashing lights opened [Ms. Fear], with the fans raising their fists in the air in rhythm; an almost march-like drumming introduced [G.G.], an almost playful track that sent the crowd jumping until Studio Coast shook.
Aquamarine lights brought over the carefree notes of [UTAGOE], another song for which the crowd gave its best on the participation side, with people rolling out of crowd-surfing and happily running back into the pit to do it again; Tatsuro also took some time to tease bassist YUKKE, singing behind him and playfully smacking him in the head.
It’s really warm, isn’t it? We’re MUCC!” said the vocalist at the end of the song, welcomed by cheers.
Lights turned on from the back of the stage, engulfing the members and leaving out only their silhouettes; [B.L.U.E. –Tell me KAFKA-] picked up speed, with the venue almost left in the dark. Hands clapped in rhythm once again for the growled and hoarse [HATEЯ], with spotlights intermittently turning on and off on each of the members.
Blue lights on Tatsuro and shining bokeh speckles on the back screen came with the more introspective [Rainbow], accompanied by underwater and flights images, ending into the seven colors of the title.
SATOchi’s tight drums woke up the crowd for [Shofu], with its almost spoken vocals and guitarist MIYA and bassist YUKKE taking the front of the stage for the solo; then blue lights accompanied the spacious and evocative [Ryuusei].

Vocalist Tatsuro then paused for a short MC: after addressing the hotness of the weather, he pondered on the fact that last year, around the same time, MUCC had just released the album [THE END OF THE WORLD], while this year it was the turn of the mini-album [T.R.E.N.D.Y. –Paradise from 1997-]. He jokingly asking the fans if they had bought it and got a resounding “yes” as response, then he finished off with: “We’ve been doing this for 18 years, and since we never thought about taking a break, we want continue! After all, lives are the best, right? Next year, we want to do even more. For this to happen, we will write a lot of songs!
[NIRVANA] saw the crowd sing the chorus, and the piece was enhanced by MIYA’s amazingly fast guitar solo. Then, when YUKKE took out a classic-looking bass, the crowd screamed in delight and started jumping on Tatsuro’s harmonica for [FUZZ], whose solo was played by MIYA on his knees. “Let’s dance!” screamed the vocalist, introducing the funky beat of [Rendez-Vous], for which all eyes were fixated on him and his intense performance that showed Tatsuro’s stage presence at his best.
MUCC’s loyal fans know that the serious business begins when the vocalist takes off his shoes, and guitarist MIYA started off [Namonaki Yume] from the center of the stage. During this song, even drummer SATOchi paused to beat on his drums and call out the crowd, and the following [MAD JACK] kept the spirits and the energy level high; the venue was plunged into red shades, and the pit was completely filled with smoke before the mosh started, making it even more fun.
This is the last song! Are you fucking ready?” yelled Tatsuro, and [Mr.Liar] wrapped up the main part of the live, with its mix of growl, distorted voice and digital elements.

The band was immediately called for the encore, and appeared once again on the stage. The members took turns calling out to the audience and inciting the fans into jumping and screaming for the rough [1997]. The tempo didn’t slow down one bit with [Ranchu], for which the vocalist had the whole audience sit down then jump.
The last song of the evening, [TONIGHT] saw the special appearance of AKi from SID as a guest; MUCC will in fact share the stage with him as a solo artist next year, for the “MAVERICK DC presents DOUBLE HEADLINE TOUR 2016 ‘M.A.D.’”. His presence made the fans even more eager to give their all until the end, when silver ribbons fell on the audience and images of a sunset, the end of the daylight, aptly appeared on the back screen.

The live was wrapped up by a short video depicting moments from the European tour, the announcement of a tour DVD release for this upcoming winter, and finally an exclusive screening of MUCC’s new video for [Suiren], which was also available online in Japan for a limited amount of time.
As vocalist Tatsuro confirmed, MUCC has no intention of stopping, so keep on supporting them from now on, too!


1. 睡蓮 (Suiren)
3. D・f・D (Dreamer from Darkness)
4. Ms. Fear
5. G.G
6. 謳声(ウタゴエ)(UTAGOE)
7. B.L.U.E -Tell me KAFKA-
8. HATEЯ (正式表記はЯの上に×印)
9. レインボー (Rainbow)
10. 娼婦 (Shofu)
11. 流星 (Ryuusei)
12. ニルヴァーナ (NIRVANA)
13. ファズ (FUZZ)
14. Rendez-Vous
15. 名も無き夢 (Namonaki Yume)
17. Mr. Liar

EN1. 1997
EN2. 蘭鋳 (Ranchu)
Author: Diletta F.
last update: 2015-10-19