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SILHOUETTE FROM THE SKYLIT, SILHOUETTE FEST vol.8 ~Aosugiru sora wo tsukinukeru tour encore 3MAN SHOW!!~ at SHIBUYA MILKYWAY May 31st 2015
Date: 2015.09.06
Artist:   Silhouette from the skylit  
Silhouette from the skylit prepared an unforgettable show for their fans. With bands like , Septaluck and ROOKieZ IS PUNK’D warming up the atmosphere, the small and packed Shibuya Milkyway was soon transformed into a furnace, packed with fans getting wild even in the back rows.

The band entered the stage on an epic SE and began the live with one of their older hits, the sharp [UNSHEATED], originating crowd surfing among the braver souls under the stage.
Silhouette from the skylit plays a pleasant rock infused with dry electro elements, heavier at times, but with a permanent juvenile, carefree undertone.

Before [Cipher], vocalist SheshiroX paused to thank all the bands who had played on that day, and also all the fans that not only had stayed till the end of the show, but also helped them in their road to that very stage they were standing on. “This is a rather old song – he commented on the track – it’s been a while since we played it”. The crowd welcomed the first notes with screams and raised hands in the air, waving them on the rhythm.

The setlist was an interesting mix of older and newer songs, and it also included the three tracks of their recent single [Blue Echo/ Closer], namely the two title tracks and biting guitar of [Sheltered]. The first part of the show ended with the catchy and freedom-scented [Parallel Lines]. The band was quickly called back for the encore, and eventually the concert was wrapped up with [Moniker] and the atmospheric [Seek My Way Out] .

Silhouette from the Skylit has recently played in Germany at NipponCon in Bremen. If you are interested in the band, check their official website and Youtube channel (including their famous Katy Perry’s [California Girls] cover), and let yourself be heard if you want them in your country!

2.Two Left Feet
6.Sweet Misunderstanding
7.Never Save You
8.Live For The Night
11.Blue Echo
12.Parallel Lines
ec2..Seek My Way Out
Author: Diletta F.
last update: 2015-10-19