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Plastic tree at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL
Date: 2016.08.17
Artist:   Plastic Tree  
All good things must come to an end. Plastic Tree’s 2016 crisscross tour of Japan has wrapped up. Excited fans stood in line outside the performance venue hours before show time, anxious to squeeze out just one more live concert of their favorite band. The foursome did not disappoint, performing their usual fare of memorably enchanting compositions. Even the onstage banter among the members amused and entertained the crowd, touching fans’ feelings as only Plastic Tree can.

The stage was simple in black, decorated by a white screen in the back with five little white spheres. All the other lights in the hall lowered and they immediately shone in the dark. The screen now splattered spots of several varying colors, eventually dying in red. Finally the four band-members walked onto the stage, one by one, welcomed by a crowd on its feet. The tour's title appeared on the screen and Akira strummed the first song of the evening.

Right away ‘Flask’ plunged us into Plastic Tree’s melancholy world. The fans immediately threw up their fists, enjoying this mellow song. Hypnotized by this band's peculiar music and charming performance, time seemed to stand still. A sequel of more and more fascinating songs kept the crowd glued to the view of the black stage, where incredible solos and Ryūtarō`s voice and moves were a continual surprise. “Today is the last day of this tour. The last day! Have you listened to “Hakusei”? If you found it good please raise your hands” Everyone in the hall lifted their hand “That`s right? Has Hakusei stolen your soul? That`s right! Today is the last day and this means it is the high point of it. Let`s start!

“Hacienda”`s powerful bass intro immediately fired up the crowd. Red and violet lights and a fast video showing moving windows created the perfect addictive ambience. Tadashi was jumping in a circle while the white and red light-spots were twirling on Akira. No one could have wished for a better show.

The escalation of innovative songs had its peak with “Mime”. From the first few notes the crowd started screaming. Tadashi was jumping right in front of the drums, trying to make everybody clap their hands while Ryūtarō comicly ambushed Akira from the back. The hall jumped, waiting for Ryūtarō to graciously hold the microphone out towards the teeming mass.

A softer song closed out the show. “Hakusei”, is a sweet goodbye to their fans. The lights went down and the only source of light left were the five little spheres scattered on the stage. On the screen, the fans were treated to a short video of a little girl passing by many different animals, at least until Ryūtarō started singing the first verse. His movements were emphatic, fitting the dim light perfectly.

When the music finally faded away and six stuffed animal heads appeared on the screen the fans said goodbye with a loud applause and immediately asked for the encore. The five members were back on stage very soon. Ryūtarō was the first one to take the microphone “You asked for an encore, thank you! Who should speak?

Kenken was first to microphone. “This tour is ending. But, fleeting moments are the best. When I think that I could share these moments with you, I feel happy”.
Tadashi's emotions were the same as Kenken’s. “A long time has passed since we started writing this album. For me this album was full of meaning and I am already satisfied I could perform it live. Being able to stand here on the stage with new feeling every time is something that makes me really happy”.
Living here, in this era, and being here with you, passing my time with you all is what I love the most. The feeling grows stronger and stronger, and this is why I titled this album “Hakusei (which means 'stuffed')”. Thank you for everything and for the future!” said Ryūtarō.
Akira spoke last. “Thank you to all our fans, especially those who travelled here by plane. Thanks for your kind support!

The three songs they performed next seemed to end in a flash. They bowed and left the stage once again, but the fans could only beg for more. While everyone was screaming “Encore!”, the hall fell into darkness and the promotional video of “Silent Noise”, their next single that will be released on July 21st, was shown on the big screen. Finally, the four were back on stage yet again, asking for a quick toast, and the powerful final encore started.

If “Avantgarde” made the fans jump and headbang to the rhythm of Kenken’s drums, “Ghost” was a last great shot of adrenaline. During this song the excitement reached its highest peak and it was quite sad that this was the last song of the evening. Ready to say goodbye, the band asked for another toast. “This is the end. Let’s drink to the future of every one of you with Plastic Tree!” said Tadashi before knocking back his beer and heading behind the curtain with his bandmates.


1. Flask (フラスコ)
2. Kyokuron (曲論)
3. Fukurou (梟)
4. Hacienda (ハシエンダ)
5. Kokuhaku (告白)
6. Life is Beautiful (ライフイズビューティフル)
7. Insomnia Blues (インソムニアブルース)
8. float
9. Melt (メルト)
10. Ai Yori Aoku (藍より青く)
11. Doukou (瞳孔)
12. Rakka (落花)
13. Thrashing Pumpkin Death March (スラッシングパンプキン・デスマーチ)
14. Mime (マイム)
15. Throw (スロウ)
16. Hakusei (剥製)

Encore 1
1. Replay (リプレイ)
2. Melancholic (メランコリック)
3. Harusaki Sentimental (春咲センチメンタル)

Encore 2
1. Avantgarde (あバンギャルド)
2. Ghost
Author: Sara T.
last update: 2016-09-12