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CLØWD, KØU live's birthday and interview!
Date: 2017.01.12
Artist:   CLØWD  
Date of Concert: 2016.12.30
On December 30th, Nippon project had the opportunity to assist to a special live of CLØWDMember Birthday Live「FIVE THE BIRTHDAY!!」~KØUDay~” at Ikebukuro EDGE. In Japan, the end of December is affiliate to New Year’s party and such so that’s why today’s performance was more than just a live performance, it was like a festival.

But, before coming to the little live report, as Nippon project we first wanted to thank the management and the band for taking the time to answer to our question. Here you can check CLØWD’s first interview released in English!
We hope all of you will like it since it’s pretty interesting!

1) First can you introduce yourselves?
Tatsuru: I am CLØWD’s drummer, Tatsuru, love you!
Ryohei: I amCLØWD’sbassist, Ryohei.
Iori: I am CLØWD’s guitarist Iori.
Touma: I am CLØWD’s guitarist Touma.
KØU: I amCLØWD’s vocalist KØU.

2) Can you tell us how and why did you choose CLØWD’ as the name of the band?

KØU: First, you know that in the sky you have some kind of « separations » or « step » and it seems that at the really highest point of it, where’s there’s not cloud at all, it’s also knew as the summit ofhappiness.
Touma: Well, normally it’s more like we wanted to give it the same signification as this summit point in the sky which relates to the real happiness.
Itw: You wanted to show through the name of the band that you will transmit this special happiness right?
: Exactly, and with the Ø (zero) is to remind that we started all over from zero, and also for the “w” it’s because we thought that it sounds cooler, and moreover because it will be easier to find us when you look for it on the internet.

3) Can you tell us what your favorite song from CLØWD is?
: I would recommend our new single「ANTITHESE」. This time we didn’t use any artificial electronic sounds like synthesizer or such, itis a brut song we made in order to make our fans having fun on live. For me it is the song that represent the most real and especially actual sound of CLØWD.
Iori: It’s hard to decide but the one I like personally is 「独裁Rhapsody」 (Dokusai Rhapsody). In my opinion this song really has a unique atmosphere and is pretty different than the others songs from CLØWD. Even on live it’s a song really powerful so I like it.
KØU: For me, it’s a song from our album TENDERLION released recently「Film of Life 」. First, I really want everyone to look carefully at the lyrics. I put a lots of emotions into this song relating to my experience in the band, and I really think it would be fantastic if we could leave a little trace of CLOWD in everybody’s heart thanks to this kind of moving song, and also it’s a thank you for all the fans who support us because we won’t be able to be there without them.
Tatsuru: For me , it’s as Touma said「ANTITHESE」. As you can even see in the PV, we had an evolution. It marks a step in our progress in my opinion, it’s like we became older and better with this. Plus I really like the drums play in this song!
Ryohei: For me it’s「Tomorrowland 」. I didn’t see any band in Visual Kei doing a song like that, and this is why, in my opinion, it really shows CLØWD‘s unique point. I also like the Movie video.

4) Please let us know about your dream and objectives from now.
: For me 2016 was an amazing year full of surprise where I could work with artist I always used to admire, but from 2017, I would like to kind of go there you know, so I will do my best for being somebody who will be admired too in the near future.
Iori: This year, well few days ago we had the chance to perform at the very famous NIPPON BUDOKAN as an event organized from our company, but one day I really want to make a live there as CLØWD‘s oneman.
Touma: Performing at the BUDOKAN as CLØWD‘s live is also one of my dream, but moreover I want to grow up as a band and progress even more.
Tatsuru: As a band, of course I want to perform in big live house, but as a person I want to continue my body training and become like Tarzan, well I want to become Tarzan.
Ryohei: Recently we could have the chance to stand on BUDOKAN stage, but I kind of have a feeling of frustration too, like, I won’ t be completely satisfied till we won’t do a one man live there. I won’t say it for 2017, but someday, doing a live there by our own is my real dream.

5) It’s been almost 2 years since you started your activities as CLØWD, is there something that changed in this 2 years in your opinion?
: For me, what changed the most is obviously, our music, and I would say it changed in a good way. We changed our way of playing and also the method to create our sound both in live and studio.
Iori: For me, it’s about my attitude on stage and with the fans, I feel more thankful than ever now.
KØU: In my opinion, my way of singing is what changed a lots honestly. When I look back at the first demo we did and compare it with our last release, it’s so different, almost like another person is singing. CLØWD has many face for me, and I also became able to adapt myself for each situation, like for ANTHITESE I came able to shout a lots now even if before I would never ever think about it. So from now I want to make song with our members where I can go over my limits and do my best.
Tatsuru: When I compared my own sound from our first live and then the one for BUDOKAN I realized how much it changed, I thought “ I was so bad before!!”. I realized how much everybody became stronger in this time.
Ryohei: I would say member’s conscience and aptitude evolved a lots. In only 2 years if we just did live without thinking conscientiously then nothing would have changed, but since we did our best with motivation, thanks to it, our music changed and we evolved a lots.

6)Let us know what made you start music.
KØU: HYDE ! (L’arc-en-ciel & VAMPS vocal.)
Ryohei: Aki ! (SiD’s bassist.)
Tatsuru: Yoshiki ! (X Japan’s drummer.)
: Honestly, because I wanted to be popular. haha

7)What kind of child were you?
: I was a bad kid…ha-ha
Tatsuru: Hum... I was the kind of child who often lost its way without realizing it.
KØU: I always did everything with devotion.
Touma: I was more active when I was a kid. I was very energetic.
Ryohei: I was into studies. Honestly I was very serious and conscientious.

8) Let us know what you are into recently.
: Because of Touma I got into survival game, airsoft. I tried this in October and now I’m totally into it.
Tatsuru: I am into body training !! I want to become Tarzan so…
Iori: Cats!
Touma: I am into motorsports, like car races, bike races..
Ryohei: I am into body training too, I am going to gym too!

9) Please can you say something to your overseas fans?
: We will become more popular in Japan and then we will go to see you so please wait for us!
Tatsuru: I want to play in overseas! ILove you!
Touma: In near future, I really want to play in overseas. In you come to Japan before, please come to see CLØWD’s live!
Iori: I really want to perform at overseas, I already think about it seriously so I would be very happy if you wait for us. Of course if you drop by Japan come to see us!
Ryohei: I want to make a whole tour in overseas!

The band came on stage under acclamations and started the live normally with bright songs like RED HOT DISCO and more vicious one like CHECK MATE. But, after their new single very powerful ANTHITESE was over, the lights turned out black. Everybody was surprised than the live house went black just after 6 songs, but, since it was a very special day, from now each member had their own corner and time on stage… The show started with Mikael, actually Tatsuru dressed as Elvis Presley with American clothes, calling himself Mikael, making the whole place laughing with some English and American accent’s when he speaks English. He also presented us some rare percussion instruments.
Then, the music from Japanese’s traditional cooking TV show resound in the place, and Touma appeared wearing a chef’s white costume, and presented us some kimchi he cooked by himself and even made it taste by all the members and few lucky fans. Then he showed his talent as a magician too and blew away everybody with his magic!
Next, it was Iori turned who touched everybody’s heart by coming on stage with his little precious cat in his arms, and present all his pets in front of everyone. It was super cute but also very funny when he showed us his black snake, Ryohei kind off ran away...ha-ha
Then, it was leader’s time, who came back as a professor, in order to calm every one’s pain or worries...Iori’s request was to really enjoy moving like a crazy during some song, when Tatsuru’s one was that all the fans looked at him at a particular moment of a song so the band performed songs at this time and then Ryohei presented all the goods for their next tour before then… It was the turn of the birthday’s boy, KØU to come back but….he surprised everybody by doing a dancing show on a very famous song (R.Y.U.S.E.I of J Soul Brothers III from EXILE TRIBE) with 4 dancers with him on stage... The members were ready to go back to the live performance but again the light turned out black suddenly and the song of “happy birthday” resound, surprised even KØU when a staff bring him a cake, which by the way, he already ate the strawberry in front of everybody since as he said, he loves strawberries. Next Iori gave him his present from all the members, a luxurious perfume from GUCCI that is very appreciated for its sweet smell, but for some reason, Ryohei described it, in a very cute way as the same scent than the flavor from the “Anpanman melon toothpaste” he used as a child and everybody laughed out loud.
After this funny little “unique show” from all the members, the live continued his way and they followed their musical performance with Worry? and energetic song as Tomorrowland and finished with the well know and colorful Kimi to Bokura.
The last second before leaving the stage, KØU shouted out “I will continue CLØWD till I die” from his heart and moved all the audience, making this day unforgettable for everybody who assisted to the performance.
The band will start their first one man tour -CLØWD 2nd Anniversary & 1st ONEMAN 東名阪TOUR「Happy Birthday 2 You」- in the whole country from January 5th till February 5 with a 2 days performance in Zirco Tokyo.

(More details can be check on their website http://clowd.tokyo/schedule.html )

Last, we wanted to thank CLØWD, CLØWD’s management and DANGER CRUE RECORDS for making this article possible.

Author: Seka
last update: 2017-01-12