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X JAPAN LIVE 2017 at the WEMBLEY SSE Arena in LONDON March 4th
Date: 2017.03.11
Artist:   X Japan  
Date of Concert: 2017.03.04
It’s been a year since the biggest legend in Japanese Rock has rescheduled their show at Wembley Arena. After 6 years since the band performed at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, the band had finally come back to London. The night consisted of two separate parts: first with the special version of the documentary, “WE ARE X”, and then the concert.

The documentary was a good introduction to the audience about the history of X JAPAN. It revealed some of the facts that had never been talked about such as death of Yoshiki’s father, hide and Taiji’s as well as Toshi’s terrible experience with the cult. The documentary was packed with agony, anger and pain. The emotions, which flow beneath the most of X JAPAN’s songs are very powerful and raw. As soon as the film was over, the screen was pulled up and the members of X JAPAN appeared and pillars of fire started shooting up in front of the stage.

Finally we are here Wembley! We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long long time. Show me your best, London!Toshi shouted to the 10,000 fans filling the stadium. Yoshiki walked down the stairs from his drum set, looked up and spoke out, “Today we are playing here, Taiji”. There were a number of occasions Yoshiki and Toshi called both names of their former members, Taiji and hide through the night.

The show began with Rusty Nail. X JAPAN’s stage performance is always impressive as they play both metal influenced songs and ballads perfectly well. Toshi’s distinctive high-pitched voice and Yoshiki’s mesmerizing sound of the piano drew the audience into the world of X JAPAN.

In between the songs, Yoshiki called Pata over from the wings and apologized for the rescheduling for the show. Yoshiki also mentioned about the delay of their new album. He told the audience that it’s almost completed but needed “one more touch” to it. Yoshiki asked the audience to sing along Kiss the Sky which was recorded for the purpose to finish their album.
Beneath the Skin was one of the songs that made the audience excited the most. It started with Yoshiki playing his famous model of transparent KAWAI piano. Other members of the band slowly walked back on the stage from the wings and once Yoshiki moved to his drum set massive flash pot was shot off in front of the stage, the song changed to a heavy metal beat. It was as if the song had two completely opposite melodies but merged perfectly into one.

Each member had a solo spot demonstrating their dexterity with their instrument. SUGIZO, known to be a big Bowie fan, wore the iconic Alexander McQueen’s union jack jacket from Bowie’s Earthling album cover and played a haunting Life on Mars. Yoshiki played Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and David Bowie’s Space Oddity on his solo piano in the second encore.

The show included 23 songs including most of their signature songs like X and Endless Rain. Some of Yoshiki and Toshi’s conversation made the audience laugh while others made them burst into tears.

It was difficult to believe that the band had gone through so many dramatic and traumatic events and had a break up in between. Not only band members but also the fans seemed to be all connected. Personally I was disappointed that they didn’t sing some of their biggest hits like Forver Love, but the whole stadium was united and continuously called out “We are X”. X JAPAN’s dynamic and theatric show ended just after 11. Many fans stayed and witnessed the stage being pulled down. Some were singing on the street and others were calling “We are X” at the station. Surely X JAPAN has gone through a lot already but also has proven that there is a lot more to come. We look forward to seeing the their future.


Rusty Nail
Kiss the Sky
Beneath the Skin
Pata Solo
Heath Solo
Sugizo Violin Solo
La Venus
Say Anything
Born to Be Free

Encore 1:
Yoshiki Piano Solo
Yoshiki Drum Solo
Without You

Encore 2:
Bohemian Rhapsody
Space Oddity
Endless Rain
Art of Life
Author: Meiko K.
last update: 2017-03-11