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Mail interview with Pentagon Japan
Date: 2017.04.23
Artist:   Pentagon  
Date of Interview: 2017.04.21
Image © 2017 Goemon Records, courtesy of Fake Star, USA
A few months ago, I had the opportunity to attend a few of Pentagon Japan's live concerts in Japan. The crazy energy and the tireless effort these guys put into their performance was quite impressive. I came across information stating fans could participate in a meet and greet that included:

-An acoustic live
-A handshake
-A photo with the band

All of this just for buying their newest Mini Album release, "Zekkyo!!". I decided I had to check it out!

I wanted to see the fan interaction first hand so I went in as undercover as I could. I know most bands act a bit differently around press and I wanted to get the true fan experience, not to just be treated politely because I was working.

The band was very gracious and took time with each fan. Afterwards, I spoke with a girl visibly excited and shaking while waiting for her friends, to get a fan's point of view of the band. "I don't know why", She said, "but I just like them so much. They are so talented in all they do. And super cool too! (She laughs) I am so happy today!" We only spoke a few moments before she was called to join another friend in their excitement. It was definitely interesting to witness! This experience gives me hopeful thoughts of how the guys of Pentagon Japan will be perceived by the American Audience.

While we wait for A-Kon this summer, the kind staff over at Fake Star, USA gave us the chance to email in some interview questions for the Pentagon to answer. These guys are offbeat and actually quite funny.

Nippon Project:To Start, let's have you say a few words about the person next to you, and please tell us your feeling about the event coming up.

Vocalist Chizuru: (to Yutori) Unique and genius.

Guitarist Yutori: (to Taku) Crazy! He is hot headed and dangerous but is nice to his band members.

Guitarist Taku: (to Minpha) He is a cute and mysterious bassist.
About our first concert overseas, I want to feel things we don't have in Japan.

Bassist Minpha: (to Atsuki) c o o l . S o u l J a p a n .

Drummer Atsuki: (to Chizuru) Like a brother.

Could you tell us a little about the concept of Pentagon?

Chizuru: Our concept is "Dark Fantasy" but we are more open and flexible than that concept.

Taku: It is "Dark Fantasy", but we don't have limits and boundaries. "Freedom" is also a strong point in our concept.

Minpha: I h a v e n o i d e a . T h i n k b y y o u r s e l f .

Atsuki: It is actually a mixture of different things.

You started out as a two person unit [consisting of just Chizuru and Minpha] called "Call Me". How did this unit come about?

Chizuru: It was just us two for a few months. But, it's like when the five of us got together Pentagon, The Rabbit, just woke up. And we started something new.

Minpha: I w o k e u p a n d e v e r y t h i n g h a d a l r e a d y b e g u n .

Up until your single "Crazy Tribe" Pentagon has had a very Halloween like image. How do you think costumes are important to your image, music and the way fans perceive you?

Chizuru: I reckon it's important, but the music and sound must always come first.

Taku: We are a Visual-kei rock band. Make-up and costumes help us approach fans and enhances our music.

Minpha: I t ' s l i k e o u r w e a p o n s.

Atsuki: I think it's good if we look cool.

This is your first time performing and visiting the US. What are your expectations or feelings so far? How do you feel it will differ from your interactions with fans in Japan?

Chizuru: There is a language barrier but I believe music can break the ice.

Taku: I've heard audiences are very passionate. I'm looking forward to it!! I think things like food, language, and culture are different but I can't wait.

Minpha: I w a n t t o e a t s t e a k s !

Atsuki: It should be the same as usual.

Since you will be in the US for the first time, are there anythings you are hoping to do while in Texas?

Chizuru: I'm interested in food. In Texas, I think of large food.

Yutori: I want to make lots of girlfriends.

Taku: I want to fire a gun. Lol

Minpha: I w a n t t o e a t s t e a k s .

Atsuki: I want to go Shopping.

People often wonder how there are many fans of Japanese music, even though they may not understand the language. What is your opinion about this and how do you guys plan to overcome that barrier while at A-Kon?

Chizuru: Feelings and emotions are important.

Yutori: It's impossible to communicate without improving my language skills. I will attend language school near the train station. Let me say "Wo Ai Ni"(I love you).

Taku: Music does't have borderlines!

What artists or musicians do you take inspiration from?

Chizuru: Kobukuro.

Yutori: Morning Musume.

Taku: DEEP PURPLE was the first hard rock band I listened!

Minpha: p u y o p u y o f e v e r

Atsuki: Too many to name.

Which music video has been the best to shoot so far?

Chizuru: Tetsukizu.

Taku: Tetsukizu. It was like a Japanese drama series. We went to an actual school to film it.

Minpha: t e t s u k i z u

Atsuki: Crazy Tribe

What is something you want fans to take from your music?

Chizuru: To be positive and always look forward to the future.

Yutori: To enjoy life.

Taku: Just enjoy. Our gigs and music is the place where you can feel things that you can't feel in daily life.

Minpha: h o p e f u l n e s s

Atsuki: I just want to leave a mark.

If you could describe Pentagon Japan in three words, what would they be?

Chizuru: Uniqueness, Enjoyment, and Optimistically

Yutori: Turtle, Brain, Pus

Taku: Freedom, Uniqueness, Rabbit

Minpha: s u s h i , m e a t , p i g

Atsuki: Explosion, Explosion, Explosion

If Pentagon Japan was a family, who would play what role?

Chizuru: Atsuki would be the housewife or the mother. Yutori is the oldest brother. Taku is the youngest brother. Minpha is the oldest sister.

Taku: Chizuru is the father. Yutori would be the same aged brother. Minpha is the sister. Atsuki is the younger brother.

Final message to the fans.

Chizuru: Music can go beyond the world. I will make it happen.

Yutori: Hey, my "America Virginity" is yours. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Taku: It's going to be Pentagon's first gig in America! We will be at our best to
perform so if you can also be passionate about it, we will appreciate it!

Minpha: I w a n t t o e a t s t e a k s .

Atsuki: I am really looking forward to it!

Nippon Project would like to thank Fake Star, USA for making this interview possible.

Thanks also goes out to Mirta Arizola, for help with editing and structuring

**Please stay tuned for upcoming fun activities and chances to win items from Pentagon Japan, All leading up to their USA debut at A-kon, in Texas! Don't miss out!

Author: Syreeta, English translation Meiko
last update: 2017-05-09