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FAKE? 15th anniversary live The Queen's Banquet
Date: 2017.06.01
Artist:   FAKE?  
Date of Concert: 2017.02.25
On February 25th, the band FAKE?, originally created by Ken Lloyd (OBLIVION DUST, ATOM ON SPHERE) and Inoran (Luna Sea), held its 15th anniversary live The Queen's Banquet at Ebisu Liquidroom, with Inoran's participation for this special event, following a series of Alice in Wonderland themed shows.

The live started with DJ BASS (ZINGI) mixing in thick smoke and red lights, heating up the audience. PABLO (Pay money To my Pain) and Masanori Mine (the MARCY BAND) on guitars, JOE (Fuzzy Control) on bass, ZAX (Pay money To my Pain, The BONEZ) on drums and manipulator d-kiku entered on stage, followed later by Ken on vocals. The crowd threw their fists in the air and shouted along the first song of the set, Hedfuc, already quite enthusiastic. Buzz kept the atmosphere heated, Mine playing in the center for a while and headbanging. The audience dances with Lucifer's Cut, singing along with Ken, supported by the guitarists' backvoices.

The charismatic singer addressed a few words to the fans, thanking them and cheering them up for the following. Videos of Alice in Wonderland characters showed on screen and the song The Twins and its rousing riffs started under purple lights, making the crowd jump in rhythm. An intro by DJ BASS announced White Rabbit Inc., the audience replying to Ken's lyrics shouting "We know!" during the choruses. Mad Hatz' Merry Go Round brought a joyful atmosphere in the Ebisu Liquidroom, carrousels showing on screen and the guitarists cheerfully jumping around each other. The Caterpillar changed the mood with its heavier riffs and electronic sounds, rising the tension higher.

After a quick break, Addicted gave us a softer and emotional yet lively moment with Ken's screaming choruses, support members moving on stage with energy. Here We Go brought back dances in the venue, the crowd cheered up by smiling and restless musicians on stage, singing along the lyrics. Radio's Dead kept the audience dancing enthusiastically, giving a cheerful end to the first half of the set.

Ken warmly thanked the members, the staff and the fans who brought FAKE? there with their support, and hinted that somebody was missing though. Heartful screams welcomed Inoran on stage, joining the band for the second half of the show. Drums started On My Tide, the soft and captivating ballad calming down the audience. Only for a short while, as Inoran's guitar wakes up the crowd for Utopia. The musicians jumped with the fans, as a few crowdsurfers travelled through the venue. The tension kept rising higher with Further Away, Inoran headbanging with enthusiasm. Everglow got the Ebisu Liquidroom shaking under cheerful dances and jumps, and Inoran joined Ken in the center, singing with him, before the DJ's outro closed a new part of the show.

The stage lit up again, and Ken introduced the support members of FAKE?, Inoran introducing the singer, and explained that FAKE? was great because each one of its members was also having a great band on their own. Heavier riffs announced Pristine, Ken's powerful voice and melodious choruses captivating the fans. Inoran gestures the crowd to clap their hands for Lemontune, singing with Ken in an unfading atmosphere. Quick paced drums gave a start to Someday, and the enthusiastic musicians give all their energy on stage in front of a relentless crowd moshing and jumping. The center moshpit enlarged during Taste Maximum, and Ken tied his necktie on his eyes, screaming. The fans sang and enjoyed to its fullest the last song of the set, as the musicians cheered them up until the end, closing the show in a heated atmosphere, before all the musicians heartfully thanked the crowd and left the Ebisu Liquidroom stage.

FAKE? 15th anniversary live The Queen's Banquet at Ebisu Liquidroom, as well as giving a great end to the band's series of Alice in Wonderland themed monthly lives, was a pleasant and cheerful celebration that showed us that FAKE?'s motivation did not fade with the years and leaves us impatiently waiting for the band's following activities


1. Hedfuc
2. Buzz
3. Lucifer's Cut
4. The Twins
5. White Rabbit Inc.
6. Mad Hatz' Merry Go Round
7. The Caterpillar
8. Addicted
9. Here we Go
10. Radio's Dead
11. On My Tide
12. Utopia
13. Further Away
14. Everglow
15. Pristine
16. Lemontune
17. Someday
18. Taste Maximum
Author: Coline
last update: 2017-06-11