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Interview with CANIVAL
Date: 2017.06.07
Artist:   CANIVAL  
Rising quartet of the Visual Kei scene coming from Shikoku, the band CANIVAL gave Nippon Project an exclusive interview ahead of their oneman at Shinsaibashi BRONZE on July 8th.

First, please introduce yourselves to our readers.
Haruya: Haruya, guitarist in CANIVAL. I'm in charge of the cuteness with pink.
Kosuke: Kosuke, the red-haired guitarist from Shikoku.
Siki: Siki, singer of CANIVAL. I create the songs and write the lyrics.
Luvia: Luvia, on drums. I'm the devil of the band.

Briefly tell us the story of the band.
Siki: 3 years ago we founded the band Hiz in Shikoku. In March of the last year we changed the name of the band for CANIVAL.
Luvia: I joined Hiz on the way, and we were 5 members for six months before the bassist left. Then we became CANIVAL.

How would you like CANIVAL to progress in the near future ?
Siki: Since the end of the last year we started playing lives in Tokyo, and in the future we would like to play in Tokyo again but also in places we've never been to.

When did you start playing music ? What made you want to be in a band ?
Siki: When I was 15 years old I played my first live with my father. Later, I formed a Visual Kei copy band, then I started creating original songs, until now. I wanted to be in a band because my father was part of a band himself.
Haruya: I started playing guitar at 19 years old, and had my first live at 20. What made me want to be in a band was my rebellious spirit against society. (laughs)
Kosuke: At 15 years old I had the chance to play guitar for the first time, and I formed a copy band with classmates. Back then, when I was watching X Japan DVDs, I didn't think that it was something I would do myself, but I ended up realizing that I did want to be in a band.
Luvia: I first started playing music when I was 18. I liked Visual Kei and wanted to have a Visual Kei band. I had a first band, and later I joined Hiz.

Why did you chose the Visual Kei scene ?
Siki: Originally, I was into other kinds of music, but when I formed a band, since the other members were into Visual Kei, I eventually ended up liking it.
Haruya: I was impressed by musicians in onnagata (dressed in a feminine way).
Kosuke: First of all the change of appearance, and the first time I saw Visual Kei bands I wanted to become like them.
Luvia: I liked Visual Kei, because you can express yourself through the looks too, and create a unique world using both music and appearance.

Which artists inspired you ?
Siki: the GazettE
Haruya: Rame (Vidoll, Black Gene for the Next Scene)
Kosuke: hide
Luvia: Nobody in particular, just the whole Visual Kei scene.

What message would you like to give to the fans through your music ?
Haruya: I want to give strength to people through my staging and my guitar play.
Kosuke: Of course, it is important for me that fans enjoy the lives, but also I want them to put their own good and bad experiences and feelings in our songs, so that they keep enjoying them unfadingly.
Siki: In our world, there are a lot of evil things and people and my songs revolve around these, but it's not that I want to sing about those things really, I want to point at them as a bad example that shouldn't be followed, you have to read between the lines.
Luvia: I think many people can find themselves in our lyrics, so I would like them to listen to it and compare it to their own feelings.

Which song would you recommend to our readers who don't know yet about CANIVAL ?
Siki: Gekitsuu
Haruya: Gekitsuu
Kosuke: I have this very powerful image of overseas fans, so Shallow People with the screaming part altogether during the chorus is the one I recommend them the most.
Luvia: Doku Romance

What are your plans following the promotion of the Kodokuheki no Memento Mori single ?
Siki: Of course, we can't go into details for now. But we do think about changing the concept for the next release, so it might be something more cheerful, or it might be more dark, but you will know more later. Please be waiting !

Could you tell us any episode from the videoshooting of the Kodokuheki no Memento Mori PV ?
Siki: The worst video to record was Gekitsuu. We shot outside, in the winter, and I had to go into the sea, it was awful. (laugh) In comparison, Kodokuheki no Memento Mori that was shot indoor and mostly done in one day was cool. (laugh) We had fun recording it and the conditions were good. There was no real happening.
Kosuke: Originally, I always had belly showing costumes, until the previous one. But then I got back to a belly showing outfit for Kodokuheki no Memento Mori, and I remember spending quite a lot of time in front of the heater in the end of the videoshooting. (laugh)
Haruya: The fried chicken bentos we got delivered were delicious. (laugh)
Luvia: The cameraman was a junior of ours, it made things really easy.

If CANIVAL were a family, who would be each member ?
Siki: I won't say names but, from my perspective, we have the grandmother, the little brother and the pet dog.
Luvia: Siki is the father, Haruya is the mother, and Kosuke is my younger twin. (laugh)

Would you like to play outside of Japan someday if you had the chance ? Which country would you like to go the most ?
Siki: Of course ! I would love to do a tour outside of Japan and go many places. For tourism, I would especially like to go to Italy.
Haruya: I really want to play overseas ! I want to go to England, because I love fashion.
Kosuke: Naturally. I would especially like to go to Germany.
Luvia: I would like to. I would like to go to many places in Europe, especially in France.

What is your personal goal as members of CANIVAL ?
Siki: As a band, we have many goals, but personally, I want to become really strong.
Haruya: Conquer the world.
Kosuke: I think there are a lot of red-haired guitarists who admire hide, but I want to become like no other.
Luvia: I want CANIVAL to become so big that nobody would not know about our band when they hear its name.

How are you feeling about your next oneman at Shinsaibashi BRONZE on July 8th ?
Siki: We will do our best for this live to be even better than the previous ones.
Haruya: I want to show things that can only be seen during onemans.
Kosuke: It's an opportunity to see our strong as well as our weak points, so that we can do even better than the previous oneman in Takamatsu.
Luvia: I want to bring more people to our live than we ever did.

A message for Nippon Project readers from overseas ?
Siki: Wait for us !
Haruya: I'm gonna bring you cuteness so please wait for us !
Luvia: I think there are many people from overseas who are interested in tattoos and piercings, and I'd be happy if from that they get interested in CANIVAL. Our music is also kind of hard so, please come to see us !

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Thanks to all members of CANIVAL for giving their time for this interview.
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