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ONE OK ROCK Live at Playstation Theater in New York
Date: 2017.08.15
Artist:   ONE OK ROCK  
Date of Concert: 2017.07.29
Image © 2017 Syreeta Turner
After a string of successful live dates around the United States, marking the halfway point of their tour, ONE OK ROCK performed two back to back live shows at Playstation Theater in New York.

Playing alongside unique bands in their own right Palisades and SET IT OFF, ONE OK ROCK stole the show as only they could. Just having watched two awesome bands perform, the packed audience was fueled, waiting for the headlining act. I could hear chatter amongst the fans, eager for the show to begin.

The lights dimmed and the band took their positions as crowd went wild. Taka[Vocal] was last to take the stage, sporting a long white muscle tee and a black baseball cap that read "Life is Suffering". Bombs Away starts to play. I could hear fans shouting the lyrics alongside Taka's vocals during the chorus. Next, electric song Taking Off had fans rocking out. Toru jamming on the guitar, interacting with the crowd from up onstage.

Everyone went wild for the 2013 hit Clock Strikes. Drummer Tomoya seemed so pumped, slamming on his drums and even standing up so the crowd could get a better look at his smiling, crazy face. Toru and Tomoya play off of each other as they move through the song, leaving no fan unsatisfied. Switching back over to the new album, Bedroom Warfare was a great contrast to their usual power rock sound. Fans dancing and jumping while they belt out the lyrics and happily enjoying the song with their friends. During Bon Voyage Toru, Ryota and Taka show off their synchronized dancing and head banging skill. It was quite amusing to say the least. The song itself not only kept the fans attention, it also showcased Taka's vocal talent. To slow it down a little bit they played I was King, fans singing every word.

Taka took a moment to talk about the tragic news of Linkin Park's Chester. "Actually, this time, we were supposed to tour with Linkin Park but Chester passed away, so we couldn't do it. So, we decided to cover a song of Linkin Park's. I hope it reaches Chester. It's called One More Light." The performance was so emotional. I could see fans in the audience tear up and people put up their cellphone flashlight to symbolize the old school lighter in the air.

With a bit of a pause between songs, Taka collected himself. With a slower pace than usual, the guys went into song Take What You Want. With some of the lyrics loosely familiar to past situations, it took on new meaning for this tour and had a much more somber tone. The fans sang with Taka as the lyrics slowly poured from his lips. His voice slightly trembling with emotion. Pausing again for another moment, Taka continued the chorus acapella, showcasing that powerful voice again. The music slowly came in and the fans began to see the song as the band played, Taka pointing his mic out into the crowd.

There was a short instrumental break where Toru, Ryota and Tomoya just played for a bit while Taka took a little breather off stage. The guys really seem to love playing music with each other. Their most famous song, The Beginning, was next. Fans went crazy, waving their arms, shouting the lyrics and jumping around. The place was bursting with energy. Keeping the fans rocking with Jaded and Mighty Long Fall, the momentum didn't let up.

In closing the guys played powerful hit We Are. This song had the fan excitement level at 100%. The intensity from the crowd to the stage was non stop. This was the perfect song to end the set with fans screaming the "We are, we are" of the chorus as Taka gave his all. They fans could hardly contain their themselves, yelling for the band not to leave the stage. The guys bow and wave as they leave the state. Eager for an encore the fans wouldn't stop yelling the members names and for them to return.

The guys returned to the stage, the crowd cheering continuously. The music for the catchy and playful track American Girls came on, fans lost their minds. Girls swooned as Taka sang their praises with those super cute lyrics, dancing and enjoying themselves together until the end. ONE OK ROCK has done it again! The guys pulled out all the stops to make sure everyone, from fans to general attendees had a great time that night. Ensuring that the fans, as we will, be waiting for their electric return to New York and the USA.

Bombs Away
Taking Off
Clock Strikes
Bedroom Warfare
Bon Voyage
I Was King
One More Light (Linkin Park Cover)
Take What You Want
The Beginning
Mighty Long Fall
We Are

American girls
Author: Syreeta Turner
last update: 2017-08-17