Title / Artist
Date: 2017.10.09
Artist:   GazettE (the)  
Date of Concert: 2017.08.19
On 19th August 2017, the GazettE nailed another gig; “LIVE IN SUMMER 17 BURST INTO A BLAZE 3”. It’s surprising that the GazettE waited nine years before doing another big outdoor concert at the venue next to Japan’s famous amusement park FUJI-Q HIGHLAND.

FUJI-Q HIGHLAND is located about two hours from Tokyo. Many fans traveled quite far to witness the band’s special show. People arrived at the venue in the morning to purchase the band’s official merchandise and also the special dishes and drinks that each band member created for the day.
Around five o’clock, when the opening announcement declared that the GazettE, the greatest band in all of visual-kei, had come back to FUJI-Q HIGHLAND, 10,000 audience members started clapping their hands to welcome the band.

The huge logo “BURST INTO A BLAZE” displayed above the stage. It turned on and then flashed brightly to let the audience know it was time to start the night.
The band members calmly appeared on stage while the crowd made some noise to express how they’d been waiting for the moment.
RUKI, the vocalist, was the last one to appear on stage. He lifted the mic stand and put it onto his shoulders. He turned around and walked towards the drummer, KAI, and then the music started as soon as he pointed to the sky.
It took only three songs, “Nausea & Shudder”, “INSIDE BEAST” and “Filth in the beauty”, for the GazettE to fully control the audience. RUKI screamed and growled during these heavy songs. Columns of white smoke were shot onto the stage to bring the audience’s excitement to the max.
“I really wanted to see you! Who thought today was going to rain?" Most people raised their hands to answer this question. "We were actually here yesterday. It was raining heavily but for today, all of our wishes brought this good weather. I guess it could have be a little bit cloudier. We will make tonight something special, so let’s begin!”
RUKI casually spoke to the audience and continued onto the metal influenced songs, “ATTITUDE” and “GABRIEL ON THE GALLOWS”. He repeatedly screamed into the mic. His death growl vocal technique is unique and popular; it adds a special tint to the GazettE’s songs. The audience shook their heads violently with the music after RUKI asked them to become one.
AOI’s guitar solo led another song, “GENTLE LIE”. Fans stopped banging their heads and quietly listened to the song. RUKI danced around with the catchy tune of “REGRET”.

KAI’s precise drumming stood out the most for “FADELESS”. During the song, REITA walked closer to the drum set and made an eye contact with KAI. They smiled at each other and performed together. REITA then went back to the audience, and jokingly put his middle finger up to persuade them to make louder noise.
URUHA had his guitar solo moment for “赤いワンピース(Akai wanpiisu)”. Surely, the choice of the song excited the older fans. It was released in 2002 but perfectly fitted the hot summer evening in 2017. “Let’s dance everyone!” RUKI said and danced in the middle of the catwalk while singing ”Psychedelic Heroine”.

After a few songs, RUKI took a break to speak to the audience.
“I thought it was going to rain in the second half but it seems okay. Isn’t it the first time for us not to have rain?” He was talking about the unstable weather near Mt. Fuji. Apparently, the condition of an outdoor gig is quite difficult for the band to perform in, as RUKI explained his voice gets lost in the air. “You have to scream a lot louder than usual. Today, I came here to hear your voices. Let’s not think about tomorrow and scream!" he teased the audience.

The stage lights changed to rainbow colours for “VERMIN”. The audience slowly bobbed their heads along for this song.
The fans put out a tremendous amount of energy during the last two songs. Many of them even came out to the side paths to create small mosh pits. White stage smoke surrounded RUKI who was sitting on a speaker in front of the stage. “This is your chance to make it happen. Let me see something I’ve never seen. Kneel directly on the ground!”, RUKI screamed. The fans ran to get a space on the floor to sit and began to headbang. RUKI and URUHA walked to the catwalk as well to look around at everyone on the ground. It was chaotic but also proved how the GazettE and their fans have strong bonds to make a very intimate atmosphere.

The band members walked off the stage once again. It was getting darker and colder. The logo, "BURST INTO A BLAZE” and white lights were left on to hint that the show wasn’t going to end there.
Fans repeatedly called out to the GazettE for an encore. The stage felt empty in the white light showing box speakers clustered together.
Suddenly, a number of blue lights turned on and all the band members showed up. All except RUKI had changed into their tour T-shirts.

URUHA and AOI both took up their acoustic guitars for ”LAST HEAVEN”.
“ガンジスに紅い薔薇 (Ganjisu ni Akai Bara)” and “BLEMISH” followed and then RUKI mentioned the weather again. REITA and RUKI sprinted to the side of the stage and took a close look at the fans. For “LINDA 〜candydive Pinky heaven〜”, everyone clapped their hands and shook their heads with KAI’s drumbeat. “I love everyone here tonight. Thank you!” said RUKI. KAI took handful of drumsticks and threw them into the audience.

The stage was left empty again with just the white spotlights. The sky was completely dark by then but the audience didn’t even try to leave. They patiently waited and called for one more song. The band answered their enthusiasm with a second encore. Four members of the band took their instruments and came back to the stage. Lastly, RUKI appeared and took the mic.
"Thank you for coming to FUJI Q. This is our third “BURST INTO A BLAZE”. With these band members, we overcame a lot of critical moments and that’s why we managed to come back here after nine years. It’s not just about us. You probably had many things happen to you during that period. I appreciate how you took the time to join us here tonight. I want to give it back to you with our music. I am extremely happy that we could make this show an epic event in summer. Thank you. Summer is almost ending but we will continue to bring you things to enjoy in autumn and even after that. Please keep following us!"

RUKI took a moment to thank the fans' for their success. Perhaps, this strong and positive message was in the choice of the final song ”TOMORROW NEVER DIES”.
As soon as RUKI began singing, massive fire works were shot off. His growl echoed and many fireworks followed. This time, URUHA, REITA and AOI took some time to walk around, throwing their picks after the song.

Finally, all the band members gathered in front of the stage and hugged each other. They stood around at the end of the catwalk and jumped up together with the audience to complete the show. The outside venue was filled with the smell of gunpowder. It will remain in everyone’ memory to remind them of the special night.

After the band left the stage, upcoming events were announced. the GazettE will host another Halloween show called “SPOOKY BOX2” in October. The show consists of two nights with two different concepts and will be held in Osaka and Tokyo.

Furthermore, the GazettE will release a new album in the spring of 2018.

1. Nausea & Shudder
3. Filth in the beauty
10. 赤いワンピース (Akai Wanpiisu)
11. Psychedelic Heroine
15. UGLY
17. 関東土下座組合 (Kanto Dogeza Rengo)

2. ガンジスに紅い薔薇 (Ganjisu ni Akai Bara)
4. Ruder
5. LINDA ~candydive Pinky heaven~


Author: Meiko Kikuta
last update: 2017-10-17