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Live-interview with SuG at the J-Invasion Episode 1
Date: 2007.12.31
Artist:   SuG  
Rock Identity interviewed all five bands who performed at the JRock Invasion Episode 1, which took place on December 29 in the Palladium in Cologne. Those interviews took place right after the actual band’s show and were thought to make the waiting time until the next act shorter for the fans. The following text is a record of those interviews.

Rock Identity: Please introduce yourself to your fans.
Takeru: I’m Takeru on vocals.
Yuji: I’m Yuji on guitar.

What were your feelings and thoughts when you were told that you’ll play in Germany?
Takeru: It was a lot of fun for us and we got really agitated because of it. And since it’s the first time abroad for us, we were really nervous.

What did you associate with Germany until now? Does it correspond with what you’ve experienced here?
Yuji: We had heard that German fans are really energized and crazy; and it’s true.

Was there anything surprising for you, anything you would not have expected?
Takeru: Dokidoki Autobahn. (Note: He said it in German, “Autobahn” being “motorway” in English, meaning that the fact that there’s no tempo limit on German motorways was quite frightening for him.)

In which countries would you like to perform too?
Takeru: In Korea. (He said it first in Japanese and then in English.)

What’s the meaning of your band name and who decided on it?
Takeru: That was me. The name should express that we are all good pals.

To which kind of music do you privately listen to?
Takeru: ROCK!

What do you think about the German fans?
Takeru: Prima! (Note: “Prima” is the German word for “great”.)

Have you seen any pretty girls?
Yuji: Those here.

What presents did you receive for Christmas?
Takeru: Today. (Note: He said it in English, meaning this concert.)

What are you going to do on New Year’s Day?
Yuji: We’ll eat soba. (Takeru makes the according gesture.)

You’re still very young. How do you feel about having already performed overseas? What does it mean to you?
Takeru: Our hearts were beating a lot and we had a lot of fun. We hope that we’ll be soon able to play here again.

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