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DIR EN GREY, without a doubt one of the most influential and most popular metal bands from Japan, was formed in February 1997 by former La:Sadie's members Kyo (vocals), Die (guitar), Kaoru (guitar), Toshiya (bass) and Shinya (drums). Classified at the beginning as a visual kei band, their musical and visual style changed radically over the years.

After their first concert under the name DEATH MASK, they changed it to Dir en grey. Their first CD, a mini-album titled Missa, was released on July 15th 1997. The two singles JEALOUS and I'll followed, the latter making it to number 7 in the national Oricon charts.
A first VHS with the title Kadede ~if trans...~ was released in January 1998, a second one followed in October of the same year.

The following three singles Akuro no oka, Yurameki and ZAN were all produced by Yoshiki (X Japan), and were put out on the same day.... read more
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