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In 1997, while still in high school, Hayashi decided to form a band in the footsteps of his idols, DEVO. POLYSICS was soon formed. Even though the band underwent several member changes, the original look, with sunglasses and jump suit uniforms, stayed the same. Their unique live performanes, with blazing guitar riffs, synthesizers, and vocoders, has, and still, attracts many.

With Kayo officially joining the band in 1998, POLYSICS makes their first, independent debut in 1999, with the release of their first album, rightly named "1st P". With a huge demand for more, they quickly followed it with ďA.D.S.R.M!Ē Within the following year of 2000, they officially sign with the Japanese major record company, Ki/oon. With the label at their side, POLYSICS released yet another album, titled "NEU", and began an extensive tour outside of Japan. While touring in America, they make a stop to play at SXSW2000, which greatly promoted the... read more
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Status:  Major - active
Period:  1997 - present
Genre:  electro / new wave

Gt / Vo / Prog : Hayashi
Ba / Vo / Synth : Fumi
Dr : Yano

Dr : Junichi Sugai (2003)
Dr : Ishimaru (2006)
Synth / Vo : Kayo (2010)