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In late 1998, the Indies band known as Dué le quartz was created. The members of the band consisted of Sakito (vocals), Ken (guitar), Kikasa (bass) and Kazuki (drums). They were a part of the Japanese Visual Kei music scene and drew fans and recognition almost immediately. Due to ‘musical differences’ within the group in 1999, Ken left and the band took on a new guitarist named Miyabi. Dué le quartz began performing live in 1999 and released their first mini-album on November 21, 1999, called ‘Mikansei no Jekyll to Hyde' which was sold in limited release (3,000 copies). Their popularity was clearly seen in that their first release was reissued on December 25th of that same year, also with a limited release of 3,000 copies. There was even a third reissue of this release on August 8, 2000. That reissue consisted of a limit of 5,000 copies released. Their second... read more
Author: Bryses
Dué le quartz

Status:  Indie - disbanded
Period:  1998 - 2002
Genre:  rock / visual kei

Vo : Sakito
Gt : Miyavi
Ba : Kikasa
Dr : Kazuki

Dr : Ken (1999)