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A teen girl sextet from Osaka, ORESKA Band is taking the Japanese pop music scene by storm with their brand of “entertainment ska rock”! ORESKA Band was formed in 2003 when middle school classmates Ikasu, Tae-san, Leader, Saki, Moriko, and Tomi got together to start a band. They started playing at local clubs and quickly built a following with their energetic live shows and colorful personalities.

They started recording their own material and released their first album PENPAL in 2005 while expanding their fan base outside their hometown with live shows and appearances at local music festivals. A&R reps from record labels caught the underground vibe of the band and in 2006, the band was signed to Sony Music Japan while still in high school. From performing at local venues, ORESKA Band has gone on to gain recognition on a national level as the media began covering them. In an exceptional... read more
Author: jrock_kei

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2003 - present
Genre:  pop / punk / ska

Vo / Gt : Ikasu
Ba : Tomi
Dr : Tae-San
Trombone : Leader
Trumpet: Saki
Saxophone: Moriko