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Hinoi team is composed of Asuka Hinoi, who is the leader, Hikaru Koyama, Rina Takenaka and Keika Matsuoka. Asuka and Hikaru knew each other already, because they were members of the band Love&Peace when they were eleven. After the separation of the band, Asuka had a brief solo career.

Hinoi teamís first single, Ike Ike, was released on May 2005. Their songs consist entirely of covers of other songs, mostly falling under the eurobeat genre. Three days after, they were giving their first live in Tokyo. During the summer, they released their second single: King kong. Their third single, Night of fire, was released in December. It was a big success and it gained the 14th place in the Oricon charts, perhaps because of the help of Koriki, a Japanese comedian. He also participated in the next single: Sticky tricky and bang. It was not really as successful as the previous single.... read more
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HINOI team

Status:  Major - active
Period:  2005 - present
Genre:  pop

Asuka Hinoi (明日香 樋井)
Hikaru Koyama (ひかる 小山)
Rina Takenaka (里奈 竹中)
Keika Matsuoka (桂花 松岡)