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kannivalism is seen by many as the continuation of baroque - a famous band which some believe to be the “father” of Oshare Kei. As a matter of fact, their music sounds quite like baroque’s, but one must also consider that kannivalism is made partially of the same people. They resemble baroque regarding their looks so one might categorize them as an Oshare Kei band as well. Keep in mind though, kannivalism existed before the founding of baroque.

kannivalism was founded in 2001 by Ryo, Kei, Yuchi and Kiri, but they disbanded after only six months. The one single they made, kannivalism ittekimasu, was released after the band’s break up.

In December 2005, one year after the disbanding of baroque (which Ryo and Kei had joined), kannivalism was “revived”. The “new” kannivalism consisted of the same members as the “old” one, but there were only three members this time – without drummer Kiri. Their... read more
Author: nana & Vampyre last update: 2010-01-20