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Dream is a J-pop band formed in 1999 with Kana Tachibana, Mai Matsumoro and Yu Hasebe. At that time, Mai was the leader because she was the elder and she became the writer of the songs since the single Reality. With this line-up they released two albums, Dear and Process. They also tried eurobeat in 2000.

Everything was alright and their singles sold well. However, in 2002, Mai decided to quit the band. The official reason was that she wanted to continue her studies. Their company held another audition to find six new members for the band. After this change the band took a break for six months.

On February 2003, Dream made its comeback with the album Dream World. But success was not really there yet. To regain their popularity, they made a feature with SWEETS and FRUIT PUNCH. They also played in a music-hall. One year later, they released another... read more
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Status:  Major - active
Period:  1999 - present
Genre:  pop

Kana Tachibana
Shizuka Nishida
Aya Takamoto
Sayaka Yamamoto
Erie Abe
Ami Nakashima

Mai Matsumoro (2002)
Risa Ai (2004)
Yu Hasebe