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After touring and recording with various major artists in Japan, founding members Ren and Nao joined forces to pursue their own musical passions. In 2002, they met successful solo artist YuRi at the AXIA auditions. After hearing her award-winning song "Nijindasuki," the three artists began working together on songs for a new band called LiN CLOVER.

LiN CLOVER played their premiere live performance in autumn of 2002, leading to their first sold-out single in only two weeks. Their second single and first album "LiN CLOVER" also met with great response from their fans. This gave the band the means to host the successful annual event called "INNER CRACK" to which they only invite bands of outstanding quality. In 2005 the band released the album "Strain Gauge" and the EP "Nut," followed by an extensive tour of Japan.

In 2007, LiN CLOVER was nominated for Best Rock Band in the Shojo Beat... read more
Author: jrock_kei

Status:  Indie - disbanded
Period:  2007 - 2007
Genre:  rock

Vo : YuRi
Gt : Nao
Ba : Ren