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Kouda Kumiko was born on November 13th 1982 in Kyoto. She has a little sister, misono, wich is a singer as well. She started her career n December 2000 her debut single „TAKE BACK” in the USA: But the success came with the second single: “Trust your love” reached #1 in the US-Charts Billboard’s Hot Dance Music and Maxi Single Charts. Till releasing her 7th single she was kind of unknown in Japan. The songs from her 7th single (“Real Emotion” / “1000 no kotoba”) are the theme songs to the popular Play Station 2 game Final Fantasy X-II.

However big success came after releasing her Best Of album “BEST ~first things~”, which was #1 of the Oricon Charts. On March 8th her 2nd Best Of album “BEST ~second session~” came out. It also reached #1. The majority of the songs from this album are from her 12-singles-project, where she released... read more
Author: hisuu/ Naoki last update: 2010-05-08