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Image © 2010 Head Phones President, courtesy of Sync Music Japan
The Alternative Heavy Rock Movement is currently experiencing an explosive rise in popularity even here in Japan. Already on the scene and clearly standing out from amongst them, the name permeating through is none other than Head Phones President (abbrev. HPP). The highlight of HPP is female vocalist Anza's beautiful yet painful, and violently thrown about passionate feelings, and the raging billows of heaviness and groove that swirl through her performance. The emotional scale and dynamism of this mixture of vivid emotions with tribal rhythms and beautiful melodies never fails to overwhelm. HPP's 1st Maxi Single "escapism" reached the number 1 position on the Singles Charts at the Tower Records Shibuya store in Tokyo within a mere 3 days following its release. That same day, an in-store performance drew a massive 300 people marking their shocking debut. HPP's 1st Full Album "VARY" once again captured the number 1 position on the... read more
Author: jrock_kei
Head Phones President

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  1999 - present
Genre:  heavy rock / nu metal /

Vo : Anza
Gt : Hiro
Ba : Narumi
Dr: Batch

Gt : Mar (2010)
Dr : Okaji (2005)
Ba: Kawady (2001)