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the pillows broke into the Indies scene in late 1989. The band consists of four members, although their bassist, Jun Suzuki, is listed on their official site as a support bassist. the pillows originally began as a four-member band called "Coinlocker Babies" which was founded by Sawao Yamanaka (Vo) in 1989 with Yoshiaki Manabe (Gt), Kenji Ueda (Ba), and Shinichiro Sato (Dr). However the name of the band was eventually changed to their current name, "the pillows."

Their first musical release under this new name was the demo tape Pantomime. The band first signed under the record label Captain Records but in 1990 they changed to the major label Pony Canyon and released their first full album, Moon Gold in 1991. This marked the band's first step into the mainstream. The very next year the band released their second full album, White Incarnation.

Sadly, their bassist Kenji Ueda left the band... read more
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pillows (the)

Status:  Major - active
Period:  1989 - present
Genre:  rock / punk rock

Vo : Sawao Yamanaka (山中さわお)
Gt : Yoshiaki Manabe (真鍋吉明)
Dr : Shinichiro Sato (佐藤 シンイチロウ)

Ba : Kenji Ueda (上田ケンジ) (1992)
Ba: Tatsuya Kashima (鹿島達也) (1999)

Ba : Jun Suzuki (鈴木淳)