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Dio (Distraught Overlord) is an experienced but new group within the Visual Kei community.

They first began as a four person session band (Mikaru on vocals, Kei and Erina on guitar and Ivy on bass) known as Baby Santa in 2005. Finding that to be unsatisfying, they branched off nearly a year later to become a group without stereotypes; a group that has decided to go against the growing trends of lighter, more up-beat music, and to combine heavier rock with melodies suitable to enhance their elegant image. In addition, their line-up changed a few months within the transition phase, they replacing their support drummer with Denka.

Dio’s first single, “Garasu no Umi” was distributed at their debut live in May of 2006. Following later that year was the release of “Byakuya ni Moyuru Hana” (the first of a three-part series) which was released not only in Japan but in Europe as well,... read more
Author: Yuka, nana last update: 2010-01-20
Dio - distraught overlord

Status:  Indie - disbanded
Period:  2006 - 2010
Genre:  metal / visual kei

Vo : mikaru
Gt : kei
Ba : ivy
Dr : denka

Dr : Seiya
Gt : erina (2009)