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The band history begins in December 2000 with Yuuki (vocals and guitar, ex-De stijllia), Maya (guitar, ex-HAIL DUST FILM) and naoki (bass, ex-LEMON-GLASS). In the beginning they were presented as a common visual kei band.

In 2001, Jinkaku Radio began to break away from this image and instead wore plain black suits. On May 13th, they released their first demo-tape, Nejimakidon, which was only available at their concerts. On December 14th, they took part in their first oneman. At the end of the month Maya left the band, but stayed as a session member for a little while.

In April 2002, their first video, Moody Radio Theater, was released, which included thirty minutes of a concert. In June, Mai (ex-LUV'ra-Doll) joined the band as a drummer, but only as support. The next single, Kairo, followed on June 29.

The band's first album was released on April 6, 2003 and is named Shouko. A little... read more
Author: Dee
Jinkaku Radio
(jinkaku rajio)

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2000 - present
Genre:  rock / angura kei

Vo : Yuuki
Ba : Naoki

Gt : Maya (2001)
Dr : Mai (2004)
Gt : Rai (2005)

Dr : Shin
Gt : John