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In 1993, Klaha (who now still goes by his real name Masaki Haruna) united with two other musicians (Atshushi Fukuyama and Masanori Ito) and formed Pride of Mind. In 1995 they released their first album with the title "System of Romance". The band remained active until 1996. After four years, Malice Mizer was in search of a new vocalist after Gackt decided to pursue his solo career. In 1999, Gackt left the band, and Malice Mizer remained without a singer for a while, before Klaha was offered to be the vocalist for Malice Mizer's last album "Bara no Seidou".

In 2000, Klaha was presented as Malice Mizer's new singer after performing at the live at Budokan, which was the first time the fans had experienced his presence, though his existence was still a mystery.

They released another single and a PV, "Bara no Konrei". With Klaha as their vocalist they adopted a new... read more
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Status:  Indie - break
Period:  2004 - 2004
Genre:  pop

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