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Image © 2011 Sadie, courtesy of AM2
Visual-kei band Sadie (coming from the word of "sad") was formed by vocalist Mao & bassist Aki when their former bands decided to break up. They soon found their other members through friends and found guitarist Mizuki on the internet through his blog.

They made their first appearance at Osaka Big Cat on March 15th, 2005. In that same year they released 2 maxi singles. One being Kokui no Shita no Yokubou to, Kunou no Hate ni Mita Hyakkei no Yuritachi which was released on July 27th & had a limited 2000 copies, which sold out. Their other maxi single, Deikai, came in December with a oneman to accompany it. They also released the oboreru sakana single to concert goers.

Drummer Sora left the band in early 2006 due to "artisitic differences" and was soon replaced by Kei in March. Their first mini-album The Trend Killer was announced a few days before... read more
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Status:  Indie - disbanded
Period:  2005 - present
Genre:  rock / metal / visual kei

Vo : Mao (真緒)
Gt : Mizuki (美月)
Gt : Tsurugi (剣)
Ba : Aki (亜季)
Dr : Kei (景)

Dr : Sora (2006)