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Originally part of the Indies Visual Kei scene, SID made their appearance in 2003. As quickly as they released their first single, “Kaijou-ban,” in March of 2004, it became obvious that they would not condemn themselves to the typical styling of the rival bands in their industry.

With more of an oddly unique, jazzy alternative rock sound, SID made themselves known, not only in Japan but internationally as well.

In May of 2004, SID was asked to attend Anime Central in the stead of Miyavi, and not long after the success of this performance were they sought after and signed by Danger Crue Records (also home of MUCC and Girugamesh).

Despite still being considered by most as Indies at that point in time, all of their singles, albums, and many of their lives were selling out in rapid succession, giving them a reasonable amount of success within the Oricon charts.

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Author: Yuka last update: 2010-05-19