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Born on 13 December 1964, his childhood was marked by a complex; hide was overweight. This made him ill at ease; he was ashamed, and didn’t dare go shirtless because he was afraid of being made fun of.

At the start of his adolescence, hide fell in ‘love at first sight’ with rock music when he listened to Kiss. That was the moment when his passion for music was born. His grandmother gave him his first guitar: a Gibson. After that, hide studied music and began to play. It was also during that time that he started to drink and smoke.

He founded his first group, Yokosuka Saver Tiger, while he was studying to be a hairdresser. The band had a bit of success in the Yokosuka region before they split up.

Hide wanted to abandon music and devote himself to his studies, but fortunately in 1987 Yoshiki, the leader of... read more
Author: Kinsao