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Tomiko was born in Kumamoto's prefecture January 9, 1979. She had dropped out of high school and took up a job as a singer at a local club. Her talent as a singer did not go unnoticed. One of her friends sent her profile and some of her photos to the record company "Avex" who quickly sent Tomiko an invitation to an audition that she knew nothing about!

When the audition started she was a perfect stranger, but in the end she was selected by Dai Nagao as vocalist for his new band "Do As Infinity". Since she had no
experience in a band, it was proposed to her that she should sing on Tokyo's streets to make her mark.

Thus she began her career as vocalist of the rock/pop band Do As Infinity. Their albums
easily reached the top places of charts and their popularity grew,... read more
Author: Missa last update: 2010-01-20