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Image © 2009 UnsraW , courtesy of CLJ Records
Soon after COЯE THE CHILD disbanded, in April 2006 the popularity of Unsraw, a visual kei band founded by the vocalist Yuki and the drummer Sho, started to rise. The visual portrayal of masked marionettes together with the unbelievable voices (death) of the singers creates a mysterious atmosphere around this band and gives it peculiarity.

In Japan 2 versions of Unsraw’s first mini-album were released: the first one was sold out in a record time only through advanced orders, the following one, released at the beginning of this year, was recorded as a studio album and contains 3 additional tracks.

The European special edition contains all 10 tracks from Spiral Circle ~Complete~ albums and a DVD with 4 video clips from the combined former mini-albums Spiral Circle Type A and Type B.

Their second release for Europe was called [Abel/Kein], also a special mixture of both japanese Mini-Albums "Abel" & "Kein". Besides the two... read more
Author: Daniela/CLJRecords last update: 2010-12-27

Status:  Indie - disbanded
Period:  2006 - 2011
Genre:  metal / visual kei

Gt: Tetsu (哲)
Gt: Madoka (円)
Ba: Jin (迅)
Dr: Shou (匠)

Ba: Jun (2009)
Gt: Rai (2010)
Vo: Yuuki (勇企) (2011)