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Our motto is cool and girl's ROCK music. We are Girls Rock Band mainly active in Tokyo area now.
No one could figure out that our group is only girls rock band from our live performance and powerful sound, and we have changed typical stereotype of girls band "cute."
Each member has different personality, but our feelings to the music link so well so that everyone can enjoy our appearance and music.
Each member brings songs, and we work together to arrange it, then Ami write lyrics.
We will lead girls rock scene in future, and we are aiming for world wide "cool and girls like Girls Rock Band."

2005.12. Ami, Maryne, and Natsume met and started to create song.
2006.03. Support Guitarist joined, and established fizz.
2006.04. We held our first LIVE in Tokyo. Started to release 1st free CD.
We had 3 or 4 LIVE per month. 2006.07.... read more
Author: fizz