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FLAME debuted in 2001 as a boy band with a pop, hip-hop inspired sound. The line up at that time was Yusuke Izaki, Hisato Izaki, Yu Kitamura, and Kyohei Kaneko. In their first year as a group they released four singles and one album. With the release of the single Remind (2003.3.5), FLAME sported a different look and a more urban sound.

In September 2004, only one month after the release of their second album, Kyohei Kaneko announced that he would be leaving FLAME to pursue his solo career. Seigo Noguchi stepped in to replace Kyohei at this time.

They experimented with a stronger hip-hop and rap sound in their last two singles, Shake you down (2005.2.16) and Hanasitaku wa nai (I don't want to let you go) on 2005.11.15.

Over the past years, FLAME members have been working on movies and dramas.

On March 1 2010, FLAME announced on their official site that... read more
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