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Founded in 2003, the band insists on pop music although it is influenced by US Indie-rock and Postrock.The singing by the male and female vocals have the strong motivation with full of air. The pop and impressive phrases and the comfortably repeated loops express various situations and scenes.

They made a debut with the first album, "laboratory products" in November 2005. The reputation of their overwhelming live performance was spread mouth to mouth, they are flooded by the offers from live houses and clubs all over the country.

Performing lives in many locations, they released the second album, "the orange sun in my room" in August 2006.

Also played together with the Canadian Electronica-artist, "I am robot and proud".

In April 2007 they co-organized an event named "Closer vol.1." with four other bands. Altogether eleven bands performed in it.

In November 2007 they'll perform at "Closer vol.2", inviting special guest band "Aerial" from Sweden.

Status:  Indie - active
Period:  2003 - present
Genre:  indie / pop / alternative

Vo/Gt : Enomoto Yusaku (榎本勇作)
Ba : Umezaki Katsuyuki (梅崎勝幸)
Key : Kawana Yuki (河奈由紀)
Dr/Vo : Sinada Ayako (品田文子)
Dr : Chujo Kazuyuki