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The history of L'Arc~en~Ciel began in 1991 when Tetsu, after listening to Hyde singing in “Jerusalem’s Rod”, asked him to join his band. In the beginning the members of the band were Tetsu (leader and bassist), Hyde (vocalist), Hiro (guitarist) and Pero (drummer). In the first show, at Yanta Rakumeikan, they presented themselves as “unknown session band”. At this point only the name of the band was missing. Tetsu remembered a movie he liked called "L'Arc en Ciel" (rainbow in French) and after he checked the meaning of the name, he decided it was the right name for the band.

So they held their first live at “Nanba Rockets” in Osaka, on May 30th 1991, with the name "L'Arc en Ciel". All was going well, but on the eve of their first single recording in 1992, Hiro left the band. They needed someone who could replace him and Tetsu remembered one... read more
Author: Sheila and Stefania last update: 2014-06-27

Status:  Major - active
Period:  1991 - present
Genre:   pop / rock

Vo : hyde
Gt : ken
Ba : tetsuya
Dr : yukihiro

Gt : hiro (1992)
Dr : pero (1992)
Dr : Sakura (1997)

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